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jellyfish meaning and symbolism

What does a jellyfish symbolize?

A jellyfish symbolizes faith, love, balance, sensitivity, intuition, acceptance, strength, power, transparency, softness, simplicity and courage.

Having a jellyfish as a spirit animal (totem animal)

People with the jellyfish as a spirit guide stay focused to their work. You always prioritize their goals and attach less importance to irrelevant aspects of their lives. Such persons follow their instincts willingly before performing a specific action. She mostly believe in simplicity and own them too ability challenges in a manageable and less stressful way, just like the jellyfish in their natural environment. In fact, they show an immense adaptability and can cope with all life situations regardless of difficulty. They are also balanced and elegant and able to handle difficult or tricky situations in a simple and graceful manner.

On the other hand, people with the jellyfish totem could be a little headstrong and not think twice about expressing concern, even if it hurts the feelings of others.

What does it mean spiritually when you see? A jellyfish

Seeing a jellyfish at a time in life when things seem extremely complex and difficult is an indication that you need to take things in a simplified manner. It even challenges you to go with the flow instead of rushing and dashing around. Seeing also has healing power, urging you to overcome all your pain and move on in life.

jellyfish dream meaning

When you see a jellyfish in your dreams, the fears, worries and pains at the very core of your heart are being suppressed. It can also mean that you have low self-confidence and are not focused on your goals.

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A jellyfish that stings you

You have to pay attention to a certain life situation

Catch a jellyfish
You should focus more on your personal and professional life

Swim with a jellyfish without getting stung
Indicates that you were able to place yourself in a new social group

Eat a jellyfish
Symbolizes your urge to become powerful and gain ot their attention

To be attacked by jellyfish
It means someone is trying to keep you under immense pressure and you would have to fight your way through the situation

Being caught with a jellyfish in a pool
Means danger, which means there are many people who intend to harm you and are also jealous of you

Jellyfish symbolism in different cultures

In Native American culture

it symbolizes faith and emotional sensitivity.

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