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Slipper: how to assemble stylish and casual looks with the piece

The slipper is part of our daily life. Whether to stay at home or take a hop on the street. To go to the beach and stretch out on a date with friends, and it has already become an indispensable item. However, despite exuding comfort and casualness, these shoes can do much more than just the basics.

Combinations of fresher and simpler looks sometimes seem too stripped down. However, we can already say that there are great options to ensure style without losing comfort and practicality. And nothing more pleasant and perfect for that than the famous flip-flops.

The first slipper appeared in Egypt, around 3500 BC. They were sandals made of rawhide with papyrus soles and they protected the feet from the scorching sands. Its usefulness has been proven for generations and since then it hasn’t left our feet.

And with the most casual item in the wardrobe it is possible to create stylish productions. The stylist and producer Prya Fraise explains that the functionality of the flip-flops does not impede the style and reinforces the choice: “There are several models, including some better made with different formats, which were designed precisely to bring more style to those who are wearing them”.

To rock: 4 stylish combinations with flip-flops

Creating productions with flip-flops can be very simple, but some care is needed when putting together the look. The stylist Priya gives the tip: “There aren’t many limits when used in the right occasions and proportions with the look. The piece will always refer to something more informal, light and sporty, so indoor environments are not the most appropriate places to wear flip flops or refined looks with long dresses and materials such as silk or jeans”.

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Seaside look: on the beach in style

Enjoy the moments of relaxation on the beach and abuse flip-flops that give a touch to the production. Bichromatic items are easier to combine and are always a guarantee of success. The P & B slipper guarantees style.

Casual look: outing with friends to the mall or barbecue

Enjoy the moments with friends in flip-flops, but with a chic production. The printed cropped gives the current tone to the look, matching perfectly with the white skirt. The slipper’s metal details add charm and the red bag adds a warm touch to the look.

Informal look: urban chic

For those moments when comfort is key, pair flip-flops with shorts and a stylish t-shirt. This production is perfect for the street. Go out and have fun with a simple, urban, traffic-stopping look.

Neat look: casual yet stylish

Believe me, it is possible to be very well dressed in flip flops. The dress with straight and neutral cuts is perfect for keeping the line chic. The straw bag brings the freshness of summer. And the stone slipper combines harmoniously, in addition to being very comfortable.

It is worth remembering that to upgrade your composition with flip-flops, the tip is to bet on models with delicate and elegant embroidery. Even the look with embroidered flip-flops is a good option for those who enjoy spending the New Year at the beach.

3 good reasons to love flip flops

If you are still reluctant to adhere to the oldest footwear in history, here are 3 reasons why you should run after yours and never let go.

  1. They are versatile. We can use them from cleaning the house to a quick trip on the street or even a stretch at the mall.
  2. They’re comfortable. There is nothing more unpleasant than feet hurt by a tight shoe. With flip-flops this is far from happening. They guarantee the protection of the soles and the well-being of the feet.
  3. They are practical. She put on, left. Super practical for busy and busy days.
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Stylist Priya proves the advantages of flip-flops: “In a tropical country like ours, they guarantee total comfort in everyday life or on an outing. We also don’t warm our feet and give our closed shoes a rest”.

Slipper looks to inspire you

Bloggers also joined the flip flops. Full of attitude, they assume the comfort of flip-flops combined with charm.

Beautiful flip flops to buy online

A wonderful list for you to stay on top of the most stylish flip-flops from Brazilian online stores, check it out:

Enjoy all the freedom of flip-flops. The advantages are numerous: they do not heat up the feet, they are versatile and very comfortable. Adopt a casual style, but full of charm. There is always the possibility of making combinations and always having a new look. The best thing about flip-flops is that they can be used frequently, combining the best of both worlds: comfort and style. Invest in flip-flops and rock!

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