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Royal blue dress: 55 photos with the piece to embrace this trend

Also known as bic blue or klein blue, royal blue is one of those colors that, despite being flashy, never go out of style. Even more so in the warmer seasons, the tone always reappears in the most diverse pieces of the wardrobe. There’s no way to resist the freshness and tranquility of a royal blue dress that reminds you of days at sea.

Because the dress is a unique piece, the color takes over the look. And that’s very good, as it suits all skin tones and dresses for all occasions.

royal blue bridesmaid dress

Even more with the trend of rustic weddings, colorful dresses are increasingly welcome at the altar, and the royal blue dress especially. That’s because, in addition to highlighting the bride’s white, it still combines very well with most colors. In addition to gaining special prominence in outdoor weddings, where it is complemented by green.

1. With lace and light fabric, the royal blue dress is very delicate

2. In partially translucent fabric, it’s great for daytime and outdoor parties

3. Be her across the top of the dress

4. Only on the back

5. Or the entire dress for a sumptuous look

6. Since the fabric can be more fluid

7. Or well structured, like this mermaid dress

8. Notice how the color looks beautiful next to the green of the leaves

9. And speaking of nature, this flower appliqué dress looks like it came out of a dream

When choosing a dress, consider the time and style of the party. While those made with lighter fabric, with or without appliqués, are perfect for daytime and open-air ceremonies, those made of firmer fabric are usually more suitable for indoor environments.

royal blue short dress

Considering that royal blue is the face of spring and summer, I couldn’t help but be inspired by short dresses. Very versatile, they can be used in everyday life or even at parties. It will depend on the fabric, cut and proposal of each model, as you can see below.

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10. With several cutouts, this model is perfect for a special dinner

11. The same goes for thicker fabric dresses

12. Due to the vibrant tone, the off-the-shoulder neckline enhances the cleavage region

13. As well as the shoulders, in the case of open shoulder models

14. Moving on to more informal models, the lap can also gain prominence

15. A tip is to complement the look with a powerful earring

16. What also works with tighter dresses

17. The good thing about royal blue is that it looks great next to cold tones

18. And also combined with warm and opposite tones

19. What’s great for matching with accessories

20. In addition to allowing the use of other colors in the dress itself, such as this one with colorful embroidery

21. When in doubt, opt for a nude bag and shoes

The cool thing about mixing accessories of different colors is that, with this, the piece is transformed with each use, allowing you to use it more often, always with a renewed air.

royal blue party dress

What a basic little black that nothing! Royal blue is also perfect for party days, helping to lift and give a modern touch to the look. And that goes for both daytime and nighttime events, as one of the great advantages of this color is precisely its versatility.

22. Starting with proof that royal blue is glamorous

23. And it matches sophisticated events

24. Although it can also be used at informal parties

25. The mermaid dress, for example, is a very versatile classic

26. Or with strapless neckline and semi-mermaid skirt

27. In taffeta, a dress with a modern design becomes very festive

28. For those who prefer something more basic, how about a classic Roman style?

29. Monochromatic, the tube is bolder with a feather belt

30. Finally, notice how the asymmetrical cut is modern and emphasizes the

Because it is a striking color, a tip when buying a royal blue party dress is to choose a model that you can wear on other occasions. Preferably when combining it with other accessories. That way, you don’t have a piece left in your wardrobe.

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long royal blue dress

Perhaps the most versatile option among all the models on this list, the long royal blue dress is both elegant and flashy, and can often be worn both day and night. In addition, some long dresses can still be used in everyday life and on party days.

31. This is the case, for example, of models with lace

32. Two demi-mermaids with fluid fabric

33. And several long, tighter dresses of fine fabric

34. Regardless of the neckline type

35. This applies even to long-sleeved dresses

36. Maxi dresses match a lot with more informal occasions

37. Such as day trips, lunches, etc.

38. Which doesn’t mean they can’t be very glamorous

39. With lace and ruffles, the dress below is great for outdoor parties

40. The good thing about the long royal blue dress is that it’s always elegant

41. Even when it’s printed, like this model with little flowers

So, inspired to throw yourself into a long royal blue dress? To make it even more versatile, try to combine it with high heels on special occasions and with flat shoes, or even flats for everyday wear. You will see how small details make a huge difference.

What shoes to wear with a royal blue dress?

Often, one of the main doubts when wearing a dress in a vibrant color, such as royal blue, is the choice of shoes. Do you have this problem too? Here are some ideas that might help!

42. Black, of course, goes well with everything and can be worn with a royal blue dress

43. Since sandals also work well

44. With nude pumps, the look is also simple and elegant

45. As for everyday wear, how about a basic sneaker?

46. ​​Gray ones look very discreet with blue

47. But you can also dare with a leopard print

48. Which is also valid for other types of shoes, such as booties

49. Speaking of which, traditional brown is also a good idea

50. Colored shoes are highlighted and complement the blue

51. While a white clog gives the look a Mediterranean feel

52. For evening and sophisticated events, you can’t go wrong with a silver sandal

53. And the ones with rhinestones lift the look even more

As stated earlier, one of the coolest things about royal blue is that it is quite easy to match. As a suggestion, when choosing shoes, just be careful to complement the tone of the dress, being careful not to take all the attention away from it.

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Now that you’ve seen tons of royal blue dress inspirations and – with luck! – lost the fear of facing such a beautiful and vibrant tone, how about playing in another cheerful color? Check out 20 looks that bet on yellow.

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