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5 questions about ovular detachment, symptoms and how to treat

Ovular detachment is common and diagnosed in more than 18% of threatened abortion. In many cases there are no signs or symptoms. To learn more about it, gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Fábio Broner, from Hospital Albert Sabin, answered the most common questions, mentioned the main symptoms and possible treatments. Follow the article!

What is ovular detachment

Ovular detachment, also known as subchorionic hemorrhage or retrotrophoblastic hematoma, consists of accumulations of blood between the placenta and uterus and can result in miscarriage. “Maternal circulation within the placenta begins at the periphery (margin) and is associated with physiological oxidative phenomena that can lead to membrane rupture and formation. The abnormal development of this membrane can cause subchorionic hemorrhages, predisposing to an adverse outcome in the third trimester”, explained the obstetrician.

Symptoms of ovular detachment to watch out for

The Doctor. Fábio informed that there is no need to direct the patient to high-risk prenatal care, but he indicated the symptoms that should be observed carefully, see below:

  • Vaginal bleeding: Vaginal bleeding can occur in the first few months of pregnancy and may be associated with ovular detachment. In this case, the patient can look for a doctor, however, the obstetrician explained that “the fact of performing this evaluation with greater severity does not change the outcome, since the ultrasound is for diagnosis and not for treatment.”
  • Pelvic pain: it is very common for women to experience pain and cramping in this region in the first months of pregnancy due to uterine growth. But, especially when associated with bleeding, it is important to evaluate. According to Dr Fábio, “the reason for pain in the lower abdomen can be evaluated by means of an ultrasound exam, but it also does not consist of a treatment.” In this way, the diagnosis can be confirmed, how serious it is and how to proceed.

It is not yet known for sure what the causes of ovular detachment are, but there are suspicions that it occurs due to hormonal changes in pregnancy or excessive practice of physical exercises.

How is the treatment done?

The obstetrician reported that “the use of progesterone can be started, but more studies are still needed to prove its effectiveness.” In addition, the doctor explained that there is no evidence that the indication of rest reduces the risk of miscarriage, but he advises the patient to avoid vigorous efforts and rest in the same way.

Frequently asked questions about ovular detachment resolved by the obstetrician

How long should the patient rest?

Fábio Broner (FB): “Usually, the rest time will be associated with the size of the detachment area and the symptoms presented.”

How do you know if you’ve been cured?

FB: “It is recommended to perform a control ultrasound every two weeks to assess the area of ​​detachment.”

Is it normal to have ovular detachment in early pregnancy?

FB: “Yes. According to studies, cases range from 1.3 to 13.5% of all pregnancies.”

Can someone with ovular detachment have sex?

FB: “As previously mentioned, we recommend rest, not vigorous efforts and sexual activity to avoid confounding factors.”

Can someone with ovular detachment drive?

FB: “There is no absolute contraindication, but it is necessary to avoid intense physical efforts and we must also think about the risk of trauma in a collision.”

There are cases in which ovular detachment does not present symptoms, so it is extremely important to carry out medical follow-up from the first months of pregnancy. That way, any problem can be diagnosed and treated quickly. Enjoy and learn more about candidiasis in pregnancy, how to prevent and treat it.

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