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Pray the prayer of repentance and clear the weight of sorrows

There is a saying that: “there are four things that do not turn back: the stone thrown, the word spoken, the lost occasion and the time passed.”

How many of us, at some point in our personal or professional lives, haven’t said something or had an attitude that attacked someone and left deep scars with hurt? At the moment we believe that we are right for the aggressive attitudes and words. But if we stop for a closer look, without the heat of the moment, we will see that we could resolve the matter if otherwise or if aggression.

But there are people who believe that saying what they want to others is normal. They think they own the truth and believe they can be aggressive in every gesture or word. For whatever reason, believe me, even more if they are contradicted.

Even worse if we hurt people who didn’t do anything. There we have two jobs: that of repentance and that of trying to forgive the person. Take it easy. There are times when we have to be stricter. But not all the time and for no reason. Work in you forgiveness and repentance and control your explosive mind and tongue more.

Pray the prayer of repentance and control your mood more.

prayer of repentance

O Lord, my God and my Father!

Once again I apologize. My soul is humiliated with shame.

Because of my sin, conscience accuses me day and night, so that I no longer find pleasure in anything else in this life.

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My transgressions have been my daily bread.

I can’t blame anyone for this; I am the only one to blame, for I have done what is evil in Your eyes, and I have sinned against You.

I am no longer worthy to be considered Your child…

Wash me completely from my iniquity, in the blood of Your Son Jesus, and restore to me the joy of Your salvation.

Create in me, O Lord my God, a pure heart, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Allow me to remain in Your presence, otherwise I cannot bear life any longer.

Thou hast said, “He that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out.” (John 6:37), and Your word cannot go back. So take me back and fill me with the Holy Spirit.

And my lips shall manifest Your praise forever and ever.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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