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Power Prayer to Achieve Everything You Want

One day, a holistic coaching client came to her session and asked, “How am I going to achieve a win in my professional life if I don’t have power over what I do?”

I thought for a while and replied to him: “Look, what I can tell you is what I once heard from a master: ‘may the force be with you'”.

That is, use the strength you have in your favor and not against you. This force is your inner power that manifests through your mind, beliefs, actions and words. If you say “I am power in action”, you will be victorious. If you say “I am a loser”, you will always lose.

Speaking, thinking and acting with positive force will only be victorious. On the contrary, you will only have defeats and disappointments.

So, dear customer: may the force always be with you. Use it well.

And who is the master? IT IS Obi-Wan Kenobimovie jedi master Star Wars, 1977. In fact, everyone has their own strength and energy that is manifested through thoughts, attitudes, words and actions. Thus, the force is responsible for the victories of each one. To have strength, power, and bring out the best in people and situations, learn the following two prayers.

prayer of power

God, Lord of all strength and power, give me today the security of your love and the certainty that you are with me. I ask for help and protection at this very difficult time in my life. I need your assistance, your love and your mercy.

Take away my fear, take this doubt from me, clarifying my downcast spirit, with the light that illuminated your divine son Jesus Christ, here on Earth.

May I perceive all the greatness and your presence in me, breathing your spirit inside me, so that I feel strengthened with your presence in my life, hour by hour, minute by minute. May I feel your spirit and your voice within me and around me, in my decisions and throughout this day. May I feel your wonderful power through prayer and with this power, I hope for the miracles that you can perform in favor of my problems. Don’t let me down, lift up my spirit, when you find me down.

I give you this day my life and that of my family. Deliver me from my diseases even if it is by a miracle. Thank you my master, my Lord, my brother and my friend. I know that you will give me the solution that I need and desire so much. Amen!

victory prayer

I continually feel the direct inspiration of God. I quickly make the right decisions and happy surprises happen to me daily. I have a peaceful life, which belongs to me by divine right.

I am brave, contagious and intelligent. I have a healthy and perfect body. I am fulfilled in all aspects of my life. And that’s why I’m a winner. Thank God

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