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Personal Year 2020: Numerology Predictions for Love |

What to expect for Love in the new year? The Numerology Predictions for Love in 2020 go through the Universal Year number symbol – the sum of the digits (2+0+2+0) that results in the number 4 – related to your Personal Year in 2020 – which can be calculated here .

In this guide to Love in 2020, understand the symbolism, challenges and opportunities that the Number 4 brings to our relationships, and then see the predictions for your Personal Year.

Is it for life?

As much as this phrase about “eternal love” seems very romantic or even not current, the symbology of the 4 shows us that the test of time will be very important in emotional terms.

For those who are not in a relationship, this may mean that romantic or even sexual adventures may be an exception. The bigger goal will be to commit. If it’s to relate, let it be a bond with long-term perspectives.

For those in a relationship, even though we have no control over certain events of fate, the focus will be on staying with the partner for many, many years.

Because the 4 aims to build or restructure secure foundations so that an affective bond is lasting. Not by chance, the formalization and legalization of various relationships may occur: taking on a relationship, becoming engaged and getting married.

If the relationship is bad, attachment, self-indulgence and fear of the new can make many people endure unsatisfactory situations just to avoid facing the unknown or the unstable. The symbolism of the 4 hates change. The risk is tolerating the intolerable. Attaching yourself to someone because you already know each other and you don’t want to go to the trouble of starting the whole process of getting to know each other, becoming familiar and building an effective bond with a new partner can be a decision that is not at all beneficial for your future. Therefore, maturity and perseverance will be fundamental.

mature commitment

The number 4 (from the Universal Year in 2020) is associated with mature behaviors. See reality, accept facts, recognize limits and difficulties. And also plan and commit with practical sense in the execution of individual and marital goals that will generate more security in the life of the couple.

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In this sense, one of the beautiful functions of the symbolism of the 4 will be fundamental: mutual support.

You support the partner in the face of any extra duties and family and professional responsibilities. In the same way, receive this support from the loved one.

This resilience-filled commitment to persevere in overcoming challenges will bring a new level of togetherness between you.

It should also be noted that the symbology of 4 is associated with friendships. For those who are not in a relationship, knowing that from a friendship a romance can emerge.

For those in a relationship, the level of companionship between you and your partner will be highly valued. This fraternal conviviality with whom you relate will pave the foundation of stability and durability for your bond.

Focus on work and little time for Love in 2020

The symbology of 4 points to a concern in 2020 with practical issues. Consequently, there may be little time for leisure and love. Whether for whom you are in a relationship or not, the focus on working, producing and earning money can expend a lot of energy and reduce dedication to the relationship or to the partner.

For those in a relationship in 2020, material goals can be constantly pursued.

Conversations about how to better manage finances, sharing expenses, reducing expenses to save and invest, in short, plans on how to have more money can be done. Even to acquire goods and gain more material stability.

If a good financial organization is lacking, greater responsibility in managing finances, the relationship could be shaken.

For single men and women, this aspect can hinder the beginning of the relationship. If the other does not see a commitment to work, persevere and have a better income, the discouragement of becoming emotionally involved may prevail.

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In the end, in a Universal Year symbolized by the 4, the level of demand gets higher, especially in terms of living in a relationship with someone who provides you with security. And we all know how much the financial condition contributes to that feeling of stability being obtained or preserved.

Home, food and laundry

In life for two in 2020, practical day-to-day issues will be crucial for mutual affective satisfaction. The partner and you will need to put your feet on the ground and deal in a well-organized and productive way with bureaucracy, finance, food, health, in short, everything that is material.

The symbology of 4 is highly earthly, physical, palpable. Therefore, that joke that someone is a “good match” or offers “house, food and laundry” will make a lot of sense this year. The prerequisites for the continuity of a relationship or for the beginning of an affective bond will have this objective coloring.

In this sense, we can notice the most reserved and selective people. It seems that anyone starting a relationship in 2020 will carry a magnifying glass and a ruler with them. The magnifying glass to see clearly the defects, limitations and differences with the other, in order to verify if they are reconcilable or if they are impediments to a life together.

Ruler to measure how much the person who is aiming to relate to you corresponds to the degree of demand in terms of seriousness, responsibility and commitment that you want in the affective area. Know that the other will also have a magnifying glass and a ruler to see and verify that same level of involvement and future perspectives in you and with you.

Corresponding, excellent. Because a really consistent life for two can be built or restructured in 2020. With a lot of perseverance, fair agreements between the parties and mutual support this year.

Here are some tips on how Universal Year 4 can be better lived, based on your Personal Year in 2020.

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Personal Year 1 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: starting a new habit, a new activity (in whatever area), how to achieve more independence, leadership and renewal.

Goals: autonomy, self-confidence and creativity.

To overcome the challenges: have resilience.

Personal Year 2 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: dealing with emotions, signing a contract, establishing (or maintaining) partnerships and living affective relationships.

Goals: companionship, fair and mutually satisfying relationships with emotional maturity.

To overcome the challenges: willpower.

Personal Year 3 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: socialize, expose yourself, find the right words and seek pleasure.

Goals: reach a new level of communication, self-confidence, fun and seduction.

To overcome the challenges: persist.

Personal Year 4 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: build or restructure the bases of your life (family, residence, health, career).

Goals: security, stability and credibility.

To overcome the challenges: have constancy.

Personal Year 5 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: give your life a turn.

Goals: progress, expansion, perception and freedom, whether through a new course, an exchange, participation in a group, a trip or a new (or recycled) relationship.

To overcome the challenges: trust and persevere.

Personal Year 6 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: harmonize your family relationships, integrate into a group or team, as well as get along with someone and realize a social ideal in 2020

Goals: unity, companionship, friendship and helpfulness.

To overcome the challenges: resilience.

Personal Year 7 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: specialize, have faith and look at certain fears and limitations.

Goals: foundation and quality to your knowledge, authority in your area, confidence in the future and self-knowledge.

To overcome the challenges: fight hard.

Personal Year 8 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties:get a promotion, earn more money, take on greater responsibilities (family and professional) and assume a position of more authority.

Goals: recognition, respectability, power and security.

To overcome the challenges: believe!

Personal Year 9 into Universal Year 4

Difficulties: give your life a turn. You want to take a new course, an exchange program, join a group, take a certain trip or have a new (or recycled) relationship.

Goals: progress, expansion, insight and freedom.

To overcome the challenges: persevere.

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