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Old pantyhose: 12 ideas to reuse

Pantyhose is one of those pieces that never go out of style. It works as a versatile accessory, and can be used in several different outfits – from elegant to casual. There are thin, opaque, textured, colored, printed versions… Anyway, for all tastes and pockets.

Despite being so useful in the women’s wardrobe, tights are delicate and easily tear or fray. But, in a practical and creative way, you can give your old socks another use before you decide to send them to the trash.

Below are some tips for reusing pantyhose instead of getting rid of it.

1. Make hair ties

The trick is old, but still very valid: cut the legs of the socks into strips and use them to hold your hair. Socks yield dozens of ties, with the advantage of being more resistant and not damaging the strands like traditional elastics.

2. Invent a hair band

You can cut the waistband of the sock and use it as a “homemade” hair band, which will be very useful when cleaning your skin or putting on makeup. The tip is also valid to hold the bangs in less glamorous moments (during cleaning, for example).

3. Prepare scented sachets

Cut some strips from the pantyhose, put an essence with your favorite scent and tie the ends to make balls. Then just put them inside drawers and cupboards.

4. Use for cleaning

Thicker socks can be used to dust off, while wool socks can be used on metallic surfaces and mirrors. It is also possible to use old tights to cover the broom and thus optimize the process of removing dirt.

5. Clean shoes

After waxing the shoes, just pass a piece of the sock all over the shoes – it increases the shine and even removes excess product.

6. Use as a gardening tool

Because they are thin and elastic, tights can be used to tie plants to sticks and trellises, helping them to grow without damaging them.

And to transport the plant from one place to another, placing the sock at the bottom of the container prevents the soil from escaping.

7. Play with the kids

With a little creativity, old socks can be transformed into puppets, stuffed animals or even costumes made for children.

8. Use first aid

How about adding it to your first aid kit? Whether as a sling, to stop the bleeding or to press a bandage on a wound, pantyhose can be very useful in an emergency.

9. Organize and save

Don’t know how to keep that old poster? Cut and use the pantyhose legs to store and organize items such as wallpaper, old newspapers or posters (rolled up) that would otherwise be lost around the house.

10. Preserve onions

Many people, especially in rural areas, use socks to preserve onions longer. Just cut the old pantyhose into strips and hang the pieces, already with the bulbs inside.

11. Make pillow stuffing

If you have a drawer full of frayed tights, know that they can be a great option to increase the stuffing of cushions and pillows that are a little wilted. The tip also applies to stuffed animals.

12. Turn it into a second skin

If it only punctured or the fray did not compromise the entire length of the sock, it is possible to reuse it as a wardrobe item. You can turn pantyhose into a second skin to wear under dresses and blouses.

To do this, make an opening in the middle of the “legs” to pass the head and another opening in the place of the feet to pass the hand. Just like that, no mystery at all!

Like so many options for reusing old tights, think twice before you just throw them in the trash. The environment thanks you! Do you have any other tips? Share in the comments.

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