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19 Ice Cream Pudding Recipes That Will Kill Any Occasion

Pudding is a classic dessert that most people like for its consistency and the multitude of flavors it can have: chocolate, lemon, milk, strawberry, among others. Especially in the cold version, this sweet has the great advantages of being refreshing and very easy to prepare.

The vast majority of ice cream pudding recipes don’t even go to the fire: just beat all the ingredients, put it in a shape and take it to the fridge or freezer.

Get inspired below with delicious ice cream pudding recipes, in different flavors, and make whenever you want to serve a practical and delicious dessert!

Simple flavored ice cream puddings

1. Frozen milk pudding: a delicate pudding, with a mild flavor and incredibly creamy. And the best of all is that the preparation has no secret… Run to the kitchen, beat the ingredients in the blender and put it in the freezer… It’s definitely worth it!

2. Ice cream chocolate pudding: a recipe that doesn’t go in the oven, very easy to make! You will need condensed milk, heavy cream, chocolate powder, semisweet chocolate, milk, unflavored colorless gelatin, and butter.

3. Strawberry ice cream pudding: no need to go in the oven and no eggs! It’s an easy and quick recipe that results in a delicious dessert, ideal for when you have guests at home and want to make something that everyone can enjoy!

4. Coconut ice cream pudding: another simple recipe that doesn’t need to go in the oven, but has a delicious result… Hardly anyone can resist a piece! You will only use condensed milk, heavy cream, milk, unflavored colorless gelatin and shredded coconut.

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5. Frozen Lemon Pudding: This is one of the most popular types of pudding! Lemon pleases most people for the balance of flavor it offers to desserts. Also, this is a recipe that takes few ingredients, ideal for your weekend!

6. Frozen passion fruit pudding: a practical recipe, just beat everything and take it to the fridge! Best of all, the pudding is delicious and looks pretty… Great suggestion for dessert after a special family lunch!

Irresistible ice cream puddings

7. Ice cream Nutella pudding: like any recipe that uses Nutella, this is a guarantee of success! The recipe is easy, but the result is delightful, as the pudding has that special hazelnut flavor and is entitled to an equally delicious caramel sauce.

8. Ninho milk ice cream pudding: another recipe that doesn’t go over the fire. The pudding is made only with milk, condensed milk, Ninho powdered milk, sour cream and unflavored gelatin, and it also has a syrup made simply with sugar and water.

9. Nest milk ice cream pudding with Nutella: that combination that conquers everyone! The recipe is easy to make, yields 8 servings and takes 15 minutes to prepare, in addition to 4 hours in the fridge to get ready!.

10. Prestige ice cream pudding: a double-layered pudding that will win you over at first sight! To prepare the chocolate pudding, you will use condensed milk, heavy cream, semisweet chocolate and colorless gelatin. For the coconut pudding, you will need condensed milk, sour cream, coconut milk, shredded coconut and gelatin.

11. Danette’s ice cream pudding: yields about 6 slices. In addition to the delicious chocolate Danone, you’ll use condensed milk, cream, milk, chocolate powder, water and unflavored gelatin… It can’t be bad, right?!

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12. Ice cream pudding: a relatively easy recipe, perfect to make on the weekend and please the whole family. You will need condensed milk, milk, cornstarch, eggs and sour cream. The syrup is made with powdered chocolate and milk only.

13. Frozen açaí pudding: a different recipe, which does not require eggs and does not need to be baked. The tip is to serve the pudding with a portion of granola and a banana ice cream to definitely arrive at the perfect dessert, which will surprise everyone who tries it!

14. Conde’s iced pudding: a delicious, different pudding that doesn’t need to be baked. But it’s worth knowing that the recipe takes a bit of work if you use fresh custard apple. You can choose to buy the pulp if you prefer!

light ice cream puddings

15. Natural yogurt ice cream pudding: healthy and made with very few ingredients and utensils! You will, in fact, only need condensed milk, natural yogurt, a hole in the middle, unsalted butter, mint leaves and toppings of your choice (such as a berry jam).

16. Frozen tapioca and coconut pudding: that kind of combination that works really well! You will only use granulated tapioca, grated coconut, milk, condensed milk and coconut milk, ingredients that will guarantee a tasty and very light dessert!.

17. Vegan tapioca pudding: in addition to being delicious, it’s a very easy recipe to make. And there’s more… The pudding is gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

18. Iced maria-mole pudding: it does not go in the oven and is very easy to prepare. You can make the caramelized syrup or use another syrup of your choice. This is a great dessert suggestion for when you have guests at home. Surely everyone will love it!

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19. Chia ice cream pudding: this is a much “lighter” version when compared to the traditional creamy puddings that most people love. But the flavor of this chia pudding is very tasty, it’s worth a try! An essential step to prepare this recipe is to store the chia in a container with some liquid (which can be plant-based milk, juice or yogurt) for about 6 hours in the fridge.

There is no shortage of good options for iced pudding… Just choose the recipe that you like the most and prepare it over the weekend, with the certainty that the whole family will enjoy!

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