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Christmas wreaths: 148 ideas to decorate with this charming ornament

Christmas wreaths are present in the most diverse Christmas decorations and there are beautiful models for you to decorate your home and make it ready for the end of the year. There are ideas for different tastes, from the traditional and full of decorations to the most modern and creative. If you prefer, you can opt for a handmade one, made with materials such as felt, fabric or crochet. Check out dozens of Christmas wreath photos and tutorials and get inspired to decorate your home!

Christmas wreaths 2022

The wreaths for Christmas are neat and full of modern and diverse decorations. Red bows are classic. Large ornaments, rustic-style garlands and flowers are trends. Check out:

Beautiful, isn’t it? Green and red are classics. To complement the decor, you can decorate the wreath with balls and bows.

Different Christmas Wreaths

If you love original ideas, be inspired by some different Christmas wreaths. There are models for different tastes and all are beyond creative.

To innovate this Christmas, you can get away from the traditional green and red and invest in colorful garlands. Or, bet on twisted branch ornaments for a rustic and vintage decor.

Felt Christmas wreaths

Felt is a fabric widely used in craft productions, and garlands with this texture are charming and super cute. See beautiful models:

You can complement the wreath with various ornaments, such as Christmas-themed dolls or felt flowers. These details make the wreath even more delicate.

EVA Christmas Wreaths

EVA sheets are super easy to find and work with. Christmas wreaths with this material are creative, as well as fun to make with kids. Get inspired by some models:

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EVA flowers complement the decor, making it even brighter and more charming. You can also use the material to make fun drawings or form Christmas phrases on the wreath.

Fabric Christmas wreaths

In addition to felt, you can choose other textures to compose your Christmas wreath. The sewn fabric hearts are super delicate, and you can also choose an ornament with fabric Christmas flowers. Check out:

These fabric garlands can be found at craft stores and can also be decorated by yourself. To complete the decoration, include some Christmas decorations, such as bows or Santa Claus.

crochet Christmas wreaths

Crochet is a trend and there could be no shortage of fancy Christmas ornaments made with the technique. If you already have some skill with threads and needles, you will be delighted with these ideas:

The neat stitches result in original and exclusive garlands. There are models for different tastes, from the traditional ones in green and red to the most modern and fun ones.

Christmas wreaths with pine cones

The pinecone appears in many Christmas decorations and the element brings sophistication to the wreaths. See some examples:

If you’re a traditionalist, combine the pinecone with other Christmas elements, such as bows and green and red colors. But if you prefer modern decorations, how about investing in a rustic-style wreath?

8 creative ways to make Christmas wreaths

And, to learn how to make your own Christmas wreath, check out 8 practical tutorials with diverse ideas for all tastes and styles.

Super easy Christmas wreath to make

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It is possible to make a sophisticated garland with just 3 materials: a cardboard, a garland and some ornaments to make it even more beautiful. You can choose from the most diverse garlands available at home decor stores to decorate the wreath in your own way.

personalized Christmas wreath

If you love personalized ornaments, watch Mamá Castilho’s full video teaching how to make and decorate a Christmas wreath. To make it, you’ll need Christmas tree branches, scissors, hot glue, lights and some ornaments that you can find at craft stores.

Christmas wreath with cardboard

The base of this wreath is made with a cardboard box, so this tutorial is simple and easy to follow. To decorate it, you can reuse old Christmas ornaments, and the result is a charm.

rustic Christmas wreath

With this step-by-step guide, we learn how to make a rustic-style garland, perfect for anyone who loves neat and original decorations. You will need the jute fabric and Christmas ornaments to glue and decorate.

crochet Christmas wreath

This tutorial is complete for anyone who wants to make a crochet garland. The step by step requires some skill with needles and stitches, but the result is charming. It looks beautiful to hang on the door or decorate special corners of your home.

EVA Christmas Wreath

To make this wreath, you will need stationery items such as a styrofoam and EVA hoop. It’s a simple and creative tutorial to do with kids. The result is very colorful and fun.

Christmas wreath reusing pizza box

It is possible to make a super charming Christmas wreath using a pizza box. Just cut it out and then decorate it with garland and other Christmas decorations.

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Easy and cheap recycled material wreath

Check out this video to learn how to turn a recyclable material into a Christmas wreath. She is creative and made with toilet paper rolls painted with green acrylic paint. The result is surprising and is a charm to decorate the wall.

These handmade garlands are a whim and you still have fun making the ornaments. If you’re looking for a practical idea, do it with cardboard and garland. And, to rock the decor, how about trying the crochet one?

As you saw, there are the most diverse models of wreath for you to choose and decorate your home now! For other Christmas decorations, check out 170 Christmas Decorating Ideas.

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