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Klein blue: how to use color in different combinations

Klein blue arrived in fashion a few years ago, but unlike some trends that appear and after a while they disappear from our sight, this color has stayed in our closet for good. The pieces in which it appears can vary, ranging from pants to shirts, jackets to accessories, and it is also worth betting on this tone for entire looks or just to highlight strategic parts of the body.

Fashion consultant Juliana Rizo says that Klein blue – or bic blue as it is also known – was registered as a shade in 1960 at the National Institute of Industrial Property by the artist Yves Klein. It was obtained from the mixture of some pigments that, together, resulted in this unique shade that in recent years burst on the catwalks and, after that, was adopted in our daily lives.

Matching the klein blue

This type of shade matches different skin tones, but it is a colder and sharper color, which is why you need to be a little cautious when using it so as not to overload the production too much. Specialist Juliana then put together some looks that use klein blue in different ways, with tips to enhance your production and your body in each of them.

Get inspired and get on this blue wave you too!

Klein blue total

Anyone thinking of investing in a total Klein blue look, whether wearing a dress or combining the top with the bottom, should take into account that “monochromatic looks are great for those who want to elongate their silhouette”, as the consultant says. Therefore, for the short ones who want to give a more elongated look to the production, betting on the klein blue alone can be a great choice.

It’s worth noting, however, that this type of combination can sound a little monotonous if you don’t have any highlights in the look. In order not to fall into this mess, it is worth taking note of Juliana’s tips.

  • Mixing the texture of the fabrics makes the look more interesting.
  • Adding black, nude or gold accessories is a great way out, as these colors match the tone very well.
  • Adding pieces in different shades, such as a navy blue blazer over a blue klein dress, also makes the look more prominent.

Check out an example of a total look klein blue with pieces from online stores in Brazil:

Klein blue in accessories

If you’re afraid of playing with everything in tone, but you also don’t want to stop adopting klein blue in your day to day, a great option is to start betting on accessories. Juliana gives a great tip for this choice: “Invest, for example, in a bag or shoe in that tone to light up a production made up of pieces in neutral colors. It will make you more modern and stylish.”

Klein blue + black and white

The idea here is to combine the klein blue with a combination that, besides being on the rise, is always infallible: the white + black duo. According to the expert, as these three colors are easy to combine, all you need to do is use your creativity to assemble your look, but a good tip is to “choose a piece in a klein blue tone (a shirt, a skirt, a pants or a jacket). , for example) and complete its production with parts and accessories in black and white. It looks interesting, fashion and beautiful.”

Klein blue + color blocking

The famous “color blocks” can be a great idea for those who want to invest in klein blue. Juliana highlights the orange and yellow colors as vibrant tones that are great for this combination. “In order not to overload the look, bet on accessories in neutral colors such as nude and black, which will leave your production balanced and elegant without losing boldness”, she concludes.

Where to buy klein blue tone pieces?

Since the blue klein passed from the catwalks to the looks of the day, the tone stamped the most varied types of pieces, being sold in clothing, footwear and accessories stores.

In the gallery below you can see a selection of products in this color for the most diverse looks that you want to assemble, with information on where to buy them online and how much they cost:

bloggers looks

Fashion bloggers have already adopted klein blue in their productions and, in different pieces and accessories, show how the use of this color can inspire different looks for you to use in your day to day. See the images here:

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