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What is therapy for?

In child care, I always explain in a very simple way what therapy is: “When we have pain in the arm, we go to the orthopedist, when the pain is in the throat, we go to the ENT and when we have sadness that we don’t know where it comes from, we go to the psychologist”. In fact, it is a simple explanation, but many people do not believe in the effectiveness of the therapy and look for faster and easier methods, which often (unfortunately) do not bring results.

First of all, it is necessary to know that the psychologist is not a “paid” friend and that despite apparently being a simple conversation, the therapist never gives advice or opinions on what to do. The therapist’s job is to help self-knowledge. I usually say that when a person arrives at therapy, they bring with them a very “messy” wardrobe and as a result we cannot find anything, so it is necessary to see which clothes are clean, which are dirty, which no longer fit and which ones We never used them and didn’t even remember they existed. After tidying the closet we can see what was difficult before. When we have a “messy wardrobe” we can hardly think and find answers to what we want, so it is common for those on the outside to see it more clearly than those inside the situation (troubled relationship, betrayal, etc). So, in short, the psychologist does not give the answers, but helps to find them.

Often, during the search for answers, we come across traumas that were acquired, that is, we are today the result of everything we have lived since our birth. Sometimes a betrayed woman who suffers from depression is nothing more than a repetition of the life her mother had, and because she has no other example, she believes that that relationship is common and that that is love. With therapy it is possible to relive the trauma and rework in a positive way on the way to healing. Unfortunately, I cannot say that therapy is always pleasant, as reliving a trauma can bring a lot of suffering, and some people prefer to interrupt sessions than face the pain.

It is an act of courage to move forward, and some are not yet ready. That’s why it’s not enough to go to the psychologist because it worked for a friend or because the husband wants to, the will needs to come from within and first of all it is necessary to be aware that changing takes work. For the brave ones who accept to follow the therapy there is a great chance of a better quality of life and, consequently, happiness. I say great chance, because the results of the therapy depend 50% on the subject and 50% on the psychologist, so it is necessary to be aware of the therapist’s qualifications, it is important to check if he is registered with the regional council of psychology, on the website of the Federal Council of Psychology it is possible to find the website of the regional councils, another tip is that most psychologists do not charge for the first session, which is a great opportunity to meet the professional, and remember that psychologists do not give advice, do not talk about religious issues and esoteric.

Finally, those who are looking for relief from suffering or in search of happiness can find in psychology a great tool to help them, just want it!

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

Andreia Mattiuci

Psychologist graduated in Brief Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from FMUSP, owner of People Coaching and Organizational Development – a company focused on Coaching and Organizational Development and Training Projects. She performs care for adults and couples in an office and Online Psychological Guidance. CRP: 06/91301

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