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Myths and truths of Modeling Massage

Massage is an ancient therapeutic technique that aims to promote physical and mental health. It has physiological, psychological and aesthetic benefits.

When applied properly, it can reduce pain, improve circulation and the appearance of cellulite, promote muscle relaxation, increase self-esteem, relieve stress and anxiety.

The classic aesthetic massage, known as modeling or reducing massage, increases blood circulation and local metabolism, stimulating neuromuscular responses and helping in the process of reducing measures.

Its action on adipose tissue is still not fully known and has become a very controversial subject in the aesthetic field.

Modeling massage reduces localized fat?

Some authors and scholars believe that there is no lipolytic effect, that is, that the decomposition of fat does not occur on adipose tissue.

However, others claim that when the technique is associated with a balanced diet and physical activity, the reduction in measurements is notorious.

Therefore, it is a myth to say that the modeling massage alone generates the decomposition of fat and the consequent reduction of adipose tissue.

However, it can contribute to the weight loss process, as it improves the appearance of the skin and its contours and stimulates visceral functions.

Are modeling massage and lymphatic drainage the same thing?

Another big mistake is thinking that modeling massage It is Lymphatic drainage are the same thing. Both are manual therapies, but have different techniques and goals.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) stimulates the perfect functioning of the body’s lymphatic system, reducing fluid retention and eliminating toxins.

Modeling massage can also favor the proper functioning of the lymph nodes and the elimination of waste, but it is performed with firmer and more rhythmic movements and acts directly on the areas that have the greatest accumulation of fat.

As much as the movements performed are firm, the pressure must be moderate and respect the patient’s sensitivity.

Modeling massage can cause discomfort, but never pain. The presence of pain means that more pressure than necessary was applied.

Modeling massage can cause discomfort, but never pain. The presence of pain means that more pressure than necessary was applied.

Another sign that the technique did not have the correct intensity during its application is the appearance of bruises, which arise due to the rupture of blood vessels and blood extravasation.

As in any other treatment, it is extremely important to look for a trained professional, who masters the theory and practice of the technique, in addition to knowing how to assess whether it is the most suitable for achieving the therapeutic objectives.

Does modeling massage eliminate cellulite?

does not eliminatebut it greatly improves the appearance when the degree is light or moderate, due to the increase in circulation and metabolism in the worked area.

How many sessions are usually needed?

This depends on each patient and the physiological response of each one. Even when we talk about the same objective, such as the loss of measurements, an individual assessment is necessary so that the number of sessions can be determined.

However, it is important to emphasize that in order to maintain the results, the treatment must be carried out continuously.

Can anyone do the modeling massage?

As there is an increase in local circulation, blood pressure can rise. So, the treatment is not indicated for people with uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Furthermore, as massage requires the use of vigorous movements, it is contraindicated in cases of epithelial lesions in the treated area, osteoporosis, pregnancy and capillary fragility.

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