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Mermaid dress: how to wear this model full of charm and sensuality

The mermaid dress has been a red carpet darling since the 1950s. Recently, it has made a comeback. Follow the article to check out looks that bring the elegance, softness and sensuality of this trend.

what is mermaid dress

The mermaid dress was invented in 1930 by French fashion designer Marcel Rochas. The model emerged as a tribute to the shape of the female body. It is a fairer piece, with a larger opening in the length, still, it has the shape of an hourglass to emphasize the waist and hips.

Although it is most famous for its exuberant long models, widely used at weddings and formal parties, there are also short versions perfect for various occasions. Thus, the dress has a few variants: the classic mermaid pattern, with a very tight cut along the body and an opening at the knee, imitating the fins of a mermaid; the semi-mermaid, a little looser, but with the same opening at the knees; and the super mermaid, which is the fairest to the body.

Find out where to buy the mermaid dress to dare on any occasion

Valuing the silhouette is the codename of this model. You can opt for a longer, more formal dress, or a short, more casual one. See where to buy, choose your favorite and feel like a real mermaid:

1. The red mermaid dress is warm and striking

2. But a nude model also has its intensity

3. Look at this black one with the knee opening

4. For everyday use, the mermaid dress is a fresh option

5. Shine bright, mermaid!

6. Elegant and casual at the same time

7. Neckline and slit are a successful combination

The mermaid dress is super versatile. He can be romantic or daring. Here are some looks that will make you want to have several models in your wardrobe.

45 photos of looks with a mermaid dress to make your look amazing

A party favorite, there is a mermaid wedding dress, perfect models for bridesmaids, birthday girls, graduates, etc. Check out a selection of stunning looks, so just choose the ones that best match your style and get inspired!

1. First, the models for brides

2. The mermaid dress is always on the altar

3. If you want to shine, it’s the perfect option

4. Frill guaranteed!

5. The transparency of tulle is a knockout

6. See the classic mermaid dress by Marilyn Monroe, honored at the Met Gala by Kim Kardashian

7. In addition to being glamorous, this model is classic

8. But it can also get a super modern fit

9. Look at this beautiful gradient

10. The model glows blue

11. It’s impossible not to shine with this piece

12. The stones also enhance the mermaid dress

13. Simple, for everyday life

14. Elegant and full of colors

15. Or a dress with lace

16. The mermaid dress just rocks

17. And it suits any occasion

18. This godmother will beautify the wedding

19. Velvet is out of this world

20. A flowery and beautiful basic for everyday life

21. The model looks good at any time

22. With lighter colors, you are ready to go to the christening

23. With a demi-mermaid, rock the Sunday ride

24. Use and abuse the salmon color

25. And tulle too

26. Look at this bombastic themed production

27. A well-made sewing ensures elegance to the mermaid dress

28. Play with prints

29. And with the transparent

30. Beauty and modernity

31. In models that exude sensuality

32. It’s impossible not to love the little black dress

33. Or a classic white lacy

34. For a day outdoors

35. Or for a graduation party

36. The glamor of the mermaid dress is unmistakable

37. A debutante will have the most perfect night

38. And your day will be stylish at the beach

39. See how the transparency of the tulle brings an air of glamor to the mermaid dress

40. The super mermaid is very charming

41. And the standard mermaid dress is very defined

42. See how the silhouette is marked

43. Also, the ruffles look amazing on the mermaid dress

44. With so many wonderful models

45. You can have multiple mermaid dresses without falling into repetition!

Like the mermaid model, the long lace dress is always on trend. Take a look, there are several options for you to shine at any event.

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