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Pork chop: 15 recipes to enjoy all the flavor of pork

The pork chop is a cut made up of a piece of the rib, another piece of the loin.
and, finally, the loin cup. Juicy, this is a meat that has bone and can be made in different ways. If you like pork, check out the recipes below:

1. Grilled pork chop

Practical, quick and easy, this is the perfect recipe for when hunger strikes and you want meat that is ready in a few moments. Here you learn to grill pork to perfection. In addition, it goes into the pan along with salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, garlic, thyme and orange zest.

2. Fried pork chop

In this recipe, you learn how to make the meat in a way that it is very juicy. For this, it is necessary to choose the cut of the meat well: the thickness must be thick so that it does not become dry. So that the meat is not raw, it must be scalded before being fried.

3. Fried pork chop in the pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is synonymous with practicality, isn’t it? Also, using it, even the meat being fried, you don’t mess up your stove. So all you need to worry about is eating the meat and washing the pan.

4. Pork chop in the Airfryer

With tender meat and crusty skin, this is an oil-free recipe. For seasoning, the suggestion is to use rosemary, garlic, salt, lemon, oregano, mustard and barbecue. This last ingredient combines very well with pork and leaves the taste slightly sweet.

5. Milanese pork chop

Juicy meat on the inside and crispy crust on the outside is delicious, right? For this, the recipe proposes to bread the meat using breadcrumbs and eggs. You also check out how to make a well-crafted seasoning for an irresistible result.

6. Grilled redneck pork chop

With a very short list of ingredients, this recipe may surprise you with its flavor. Write down what you are going to use: pork chops, garlic, salt, soy sauce, lemon and black pepper. This is a combination that is beyond delicious made on the barbecue.

7. Onion pork chop

Onion is a classic seasoning for the most varied dishes and pork chops are no different. In a pan-fried version, this is a perfect order to be served with that everyday rice and beans.

8. Pork chop with egg farofa

The pork chop is already delicious, accompanied by egg farofa, even better! With this recipe, you learn to make both preparations in an uncomplicated way. Check out the full step-by-step in the video.

9. Fried pork chop seasoned with mustard

This pork chop is no mystery, but it tastes amazing. The tip is to season the meat with vinegar, mustard, pepper, oregano, spicy paprika, salt and olive oil. In addition, the meat is fried in hot oil.

10. Pork chop with mustard and honey

How about venturing into a recipe that has a bittersweet flavor? The combination of mustard and honey is not famous for nothing, it is delicious! Also, both ingredients go very well with pork. To improve even more, the preparation is quick and practical.

11. Pork chop with golden apples

Using a little creativity, you can get out of the ordinary and, at the same time, not have a lot of work in the kitchen. And this recipe is here to prove it. A neat seasoning was not enough, in this recipe, the meat is still covered by golden apples. All this makes the result beyond succulent!

12. Pork chop in dark beer sauce

The stout sauce may be what you needed to make your dish even tastier. For this, you will need pork chops, Bock style beer, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, garlic, olive oil, black pepper and salt. The wait is not the shortest, as the meat must marinate for 3 hours, but all the waiting is worth it, you can bet!

13. Pork chop with creamy sauce

In this recipe, the creamy sauce is made with garlic, onion, orange, lemon mayonnaise and parsley. The meat is seasoned and then grilled in a Teflon skillet without oil until golden brown. A nice thing is that you check the ideal position to put the meat in the pan.

14. Pork chop in the oven with bacon

Surprise that Sunday lunch with this recipe. Here, the pork chop is cooked on the stove, covered in strips of bacon and accompanied by pieces of potato. This makes you get several different flavors with a single dish.

15. Pork chop in the oven with potatoes

Beyond special, this is a recipe in which the dish is assembled in a refractory and composed of layers. Pork chops, onions, potatoes, peppers, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chili sauce and other seasonings are part of the recipe.

Did your mouth water after checking out these recipes? Now, it is up to you to choose which one you will test first. To accompany, you can still prepare an egg salad.

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