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Brunch: 95 recipes for a complete meal

Meal of English origin, brunch combines breakfast with lunch, including options common to these two occasions. Ideal option to be held on a Sunday, holiday or special celebration, it has flexible hours to be served: normally from 10 am to 4 pm.

As is a foreign tradition, it is common to include options for dishes to be consumed during these unusual times in our country, such as sweet pancakes, eggs with bacon and even alcoholic beverages. Check out a selection of varied recipes for this unique meal below:


1. Sweet potato and yogurt bread: quick and easy recipe, here the bread dough does not need to be kneaded, and can be mixed with the help of a blender, advancing its preparation.

2. Tapioca bread: this gluten-free version is a great alternative for coeliacs or people sensitive to wheat. Just fifteen minutes in the oven to taste a delicious and golden bread.

3. Lowcarb cloud bread: made with few ingredients, the soft texture of this bread is a show in itself. It still has parmesan among its ingredients, ensuring a flavor similar to traditional cheese bread.

4. Indian bread: also known as chapati, this bread does not use yeast in its preparation, just flour, water, salt and olive oil for a result rich in flavor.

5. Seed bread: nutritious option, this recipe uses a mix of seeds to flavor the bread. Nuts, pistachios, flaxseeds, oats and chia are some of the functional ingredients of this bread.

6. Bread and coconut milk with saffron: saffron guarantees the yellowish tone of its interior, in addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals. Coconut milk replaces the animal-based version.

7. Fluffy potato bread: surprisingly soft, this bread uses boiled potatoes as the base of its dough. Dry yeast ensures that the bread rises and takes shape.

8. Condensed milk bread: how about a sweet bread recipe that looks like it came from a good bakery? In addition to being filled with grated coconut cream, condensed milk and unsalted butter, it is still drizzled with a syrup full of sweetness.

9. Carrot bread: nutritious option, this bread also enchants with its fluffy texture. Here the butter must be at room temperature, and the milk must be warm when mixed with the dough.

10. Vegan Potato Bread: a tasty alternative for those who are vegan or cannot consume animal milk and eggs, this bread is still stuffed, and you can have the filling of your choice.

11. Zucchini bread: here the vegetable is a sure bet for a moist dough full of flavor. Its exterior gains a crispy crust, a result of the use of Parmesan cheese in its recipe.

12. Minute bread: ready in just twenty-five minutes (counting five to mix the ingredients and another twenty of time in the oven), it is possible to taste a bread option for when you are in a hurry to eat.


13. Perfect boiled eggs: despite being simple, this recipe teaches you how to cook eggs correctly, in order to guarantee a well-cooked and centered yolk, filling your eyes when you cut it in half.

14. Scrambled eggs with bacon: prepared with few ingredients, this recipe takes three eggs, plus chopped bacon slices and seasonings to ensure even more flavor to the dish.

15. Poached egg: how about learning how to make this French classic? To facilitate your cooking, it is worth using a special plastic film to be used in the kitchen, ensuring the perfect cooking of the egg.

16. Breaded egg mollet: another classic French recipe to make the feast more exquisite. With a choice of hard or soft yolk, this egg is breaded in a mixture of herbs with wheat flour and breadcrumbs.

17. Fried egg without oil: to ensure the success of this recipe, it is recommended to use a non-stick frying pan in good condition, without the use of oil or olive oil in the preparation of the egg.

18. Scrambled eggs in water: a different way of preparing scrambled eggs, here the water helps to cook the mixture, in addition to favoring the melting of the white cheese.

19. Cheese and tomato oven omelet: simple and quick recipe, this oven omelet is ready in just twenty minutes. To enrich the flavor, in addition to eggs, it still takes cheese, tomato, cream cheese and various seasonings.

20. Stuffed zucchini omelet roll: ideal alternative for those who want to innovate in the way of serving an omelet, here it is prepared with zucchini, stuffed with turkey breast and catupiry and rolled up like a roll.

21. 4 cheese omelet: perfect option for cheese lovers, this dish has different qualities from this one: white cheese, mozzarella and cheese platter. As a fourth option, it is worth adding your favorite version.

22. Omelet, flaxseed and white cheese: lighter option, this omelet uses ingredients such as semi-skimmed milk, oatmeal, flaxseed flour, tomato and cheese to taste.

23. Banana and Parmesan Omelet: the banana must be ripe, being cooked on an iron plate or non-stick frying pan. Ideal for those looking for new flavors and combinations in the kitchen.

24. Potato omelet: this dish consists of diced potatoes that are golden on the outside and soft on the inside, topped with a tasty omelet. Garlic cloves give it a very special flavor.


25. Parma ham sandwich: despite being a slightly heated sandwich, its interior is fresh, composed of buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, tomato and basil.

26. Egg Salad Sandwich: A reinvention of the famous egg bread, here this main ingredient is served as a salad, complemented with mayonnaise, fresh parsley and seasonings.

27. Caprese Sandwich: With a combination that came straight from Italy, this sandwich is stuffed with white cheese, basil and tomato. For a creamier filling, add cream cheese or curd.

28. Greek chicken sandwich: made with pita bread, the filling of this sandwich is inspired by Greek cuisine, bringing together ingredients such as fillet chicken breast, coriander seed, Greek yogurt and dried thyme.

29. Mushroom Sandwich: A protein-rich option, this Australian bread sandwich has a creamy filling prepared with ricotta cream, spinach and shitake mushrooms.

30. Chicken Bacon Sandwich: Rich in flavors, this sandwich surprises with a mix of chicken, bacon, brie cheese and a homemade mayonnaise prepared with jalapeño pepper.

31. Flatbread Sandwich: This traditional unleavened bread is a favorite for building a lighter, low-carb sandwich. Here it is stuffed with brie cheese, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and raw ham.

32. Mortadella and cheese sandwich: inspired by a classic of our country’s cuisine, this sandwich has many slices of bologna and mozzarella in its filling.

33. Chicken Sandwich with Avocado Mayonnaise: Here the avocado shines in a savory recipe. To flavor the mayonnaise, parsley, garlic and mayonnaise.

34. Natural sandwich: balanced dish, it has ideal doses of carbohydrates and proteins for a complete meal. Its filling consists of shredded chicken breast, grated carrots, lettuce, raisins and cottage cheese.

35. Zucchini sandwich marinated with goat cheese and pesto: with a gourmet feel, this sandwich guarantees a lot of flavor when using zucchini marinated in olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and mint.

36. Sweet and sour sandwich with ricotta paste, carrots and raisins: great option for those who love to taste bittersweet dishes, this sandwich surprises with the mixture of flavors. It is worth preparing a salad of leaves to accompany the dish.

pancakes and waffles

37. Traditional American pancake: a very common option for American breakfast, these traditional pancakes can be served with jams, syrup, honey and fruits.

38. Vegan American Pancake: Despite dispensing with eggs from the traditional recipe, this vegan alternative leaves nothing to be desired for the original option. Here soy milk comes in as a substitute for cow’s milk.

39. Apple pancake with blueberries: how about increasing the flavor of this dish? Ingredients such as sesame and oat bran make the pancake more nutritious, in addition to adding fiber to the dish.

40. Colorful pancakes: a great way to make this dish more fun and eye-catching for kids. Here the green version has spinach in its batter, while the beetroot adds vibrant color to the pancake.

41. Chocolate Pancake: this recipe will please chocolate lovers: in addition to using powdered chocolate in the preparation of its dough, it can also be drizzled with a syrup made with the same ingredient.

42. Crispy Waffle: To prepare this dish, you need a waffle maker, which can have the shape of your choice. With a crispy crust, it has a light vanilla flavor.

43. Belgian waffle: the main feature of this traditional Belgian dish is the crispy crust on the outside and the soft dough inside. The cubes and sugar guarantee an element of surprise when tasting the dish.

44. Waffle churros: how about combining these two typical dishes from totally different countries? In addition to the waffle dough with the traditional flavor of churros, it still gets dulce de leche when serving.

45. Vegan lemon and strawberry waffle: another vegan version that doesn’t lose anything to the traditional one, here the recipe has less fat, in addition to a characteristic lemon flavor in its dough.

46. ​​Gluten-free waffle: another adapted version, this recipe uses rice flour, corn starch and sour starch in the dough, dispensing with the use of traditional wheat flour.

47. Potato waffle: for a waffle with more flavor, it’s worth adding mashed potatoes, ricotta cream and grated cheese, adding to the traditional dish.

48. Cheese Waffle with Bacon: savory dish, it has chopped bacon and standard Minas cheese in its dough, in addition to the base ingredients such as flour, butter and eggs.

Sweet pies and cakes

49. Strawberry pie: worthy of a bakery window, this pie is vegan, using a white cream prepared with almond milk, rolled oats and agar-agar.

50. Banoffee Pie: classic banana mix with dulce de leche, still has a base prepared with crushed sweet biscuit, mixed with butter. Made in a few steps, but with a lot of flavor.

51. Ninho milk pie with Nutella: ideal option to surprise lovers of very sweet desserts, this pie mixes two of the most beloved ingredients: Ninho milk and Nutella.

52. American Apple Pie: Very common in American movies, this apple pie is very tasty. It is worth serving the dish while it is still warm accompanied with a scoop of ice cream.

53. Rustic Banana Pie: This is a great recipe to use up bananas that are about to go bad. With a rustic look, it is assembled in layers, bringing together flavor and beauty.

54. Chocolate biscuit pie: made with few ingredients, this pie has layers of cream, biscuit and milk chocolate melted in a bain-marie.

55. Carrot cake: one of the most traditional cakes you can’t miss on the brunch table. As a frosting, how about a ganache made with semisweet chocolate, honey and butter?

56. Galaxy cake: if you want to surprise with the look of…

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