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What is Energy Divorce? Why perform, Thetahealing and more!

Relationship breakups are difficult. Many people find it difficult to let go of a relationship, be it family, romantic or even professional. It is possible that the suffering lasts, that you miss the person, the habits and everything that that relationship brought you.

However, whether it was a positive or negative relationship, it is necessary to overcome it in order to move forward. In that sense, energetic divorce is a technique that will help you overcome this barrier and live life to the full, leaving the past behind.

Energy Divorce is based on the practice of Thetahealing, a world-famous therapy that helps people deal with their emotions and limiting beliefs. Follow this article and learn how to overcome this relationship once and for all!

Thetahealing includes two techniques that help people who have difficulty with ending relationships: energetic divorce and soul fragments. Through these procedures it is possible to cut the energy cords between you and the other person and thus free yourself from attachments and dependencies. Read on to learn more!

During a separation, it is very likely that the parties will remain attached to each other. Regardless of whether the relationship was good or bad, the connections generated over time are difficult to break and, in many cases, can bring suffering.

After all, it’s impossible to live well with yourself if your feelings and thoughts are still tied to the other person. In this sense, energetic divorce serves to unlink these people’s energy and free them from the emotional dependence created during the breakup.

Through Thetahealing sessions, it is possible to nullify the energy of the former partner and bring back your energy, aligning your body and mind. Thus, it will be possible to proceed with life completely.

It is necessary to carry out energetic divorce in relationship terms. Even if unconsciously, many remain attached to old dating, marriages, or even family relationships.

This leads to discouragement, difficulty relating to other people and several other blockages. To deal with this, it is necessary to resort to an energetic divorce and cut the ties that still exist with the ex-partner.

In relationships, it is common to exchange fragments of the soul. This exchange leads to a feeling of attachment and the need to stay together, even if conditions are not favorable.

This dependency relationship is often realized through the feeling of completeness that a person feels when he is with another, which is nothing more than the energy of his soul fragment that is with the other person. That is why it is so necessary to collect its fragments when ending a relationship, in order to avoid suffering and dependence.

There are several ways to lose soul fragments and they are not only linked to love relationships. Although it is possible to lose fragments in good relationships, abusive or complicated relationships are the ones that most remove fragments.

Cases of abuse, death of a loved one and illness can also collect more soul fragments than usual. So, the more intense the relationship, either positively or negatively, the more soul fragments are lost.

As stated, relationships create connections. These connections are called energy cords and they can be both good and bad. In positive relationships these cords help to form a healthy and strong relationship, as you will be sharing your emotions intimately with your partner.

The chakras where cords form during a love relationship are usually the sex, solar plexus, and heart chakras. However, in troubled relationships, negative energies will be exchanged by the cord, affecting both parties involved.

In addition, these cords are connected to the chakras and, therefore, it can end up deregulating them. In this sense, using Thetahealing techniques of energy divorce and recovery of soul fragments, it is possible to identify the energy cords and cut them, freeing those involved from this bad connection.

Living with a person creates connections that go beyond what we can see. During a separation, it is possible for people to remain connected and, therefore, the energetic divorce ritual is so necessary.

In this section we will explain in detail how this ritual works and how to focus on feelings through Thetahealing. Follow!

To carry out the first energetic divorce ritual, it is enough to separate a container or fabric bag, rue, salt and something that symbolizes the relationship, be it a wedding ring or a photo of the couple.

Place the salt, the rue and the object inside the container or bag and leave it for 40 days. Afterwards, dissolve in running water, such as a river, sea or waterfall. During these days say prayers asking for your release and also for the other person. Use cleaning incense such as rue, rosemary, sage and myrrh. After discarding the objects, it is interesting to take a rue bath to finish the process.

For the second energy divorce ritual you needed a glass, water, paper, pencil and two bull’s eye seeds. The ox’s eye seed, also called mucuna, is known to bring luck and protection.

Put water in the glass, write the name of the person you want to break free on the paper and write yours on top. Place the water paper and then the two seeds. Let it rest for 7 days in an inconspicuous place. During that time say prayers daily and light energy cleaning incense. After the 7 days, throw the contents of the glass in running water or in the toilet.

Thetahealing therapy seeks through guided meditation to direct an attentive and conscious look at feelings. The goal is to understand the root of feelings, their origin and, from that, direct negative energies towards something positive.

During this analysis, the limiting beliefs that accompany the person are identified. Only after extensive observation of oneself and feelings will it be possible to treat them. Therefore, one of the pillars of Thetahealing is the look at what you feel.

Thetahealing therapy helps many people deal with limiting beliefs and negative patterns in their lives. People often fail to understand where their blockages and mental, spiritual and emotional suffering come from.

Learn what this technique is, how it came about and how it can help you overcome your difficulties and develop in life!

In short, Thetahealing is a compilation of techniques aimed at identifying limiting beliefs and transforming them. For this, guided meditation and Theta brain waves are used, aiming to balance the emotions and energies of the individual.

Thetahealing practice is not related to any religion or cult and can help solve the most varied problems, from love, financial or professional issues.

Thetahealing appeared in 1995 when the creator of the method, Vianna Stibal, was diagnosed with cancer of the femur. After trying countless traditional and alternative medicine treatments, Vianna, with the help of a physicist, discovered that the meditation she already used to cure other illnesses accessed Theta brain waves.

Vianna already worked as a masseuse and naturopath and knew the benefits of meditation in curing physical and psychological illnesses. Mother of 3 children, her desire for healing was enormous and that’s why she decided to apply the intuitive readings that she carried out in an attempt to cure the cancer that was already in an advanced state.

One of the cornerstones of Thetahealing is achieving Theta brainwaves. All human beings operate in five brain frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Beta frequency is the most common, the one we reach while performing tasks and we are in a state of alertness and high reasoning.

In deep meditation or sleep we reach Alpha brain waves. Delta is present during deep sleep and Gamma is achieved at high levels of information processing.

In turn, theta waves provide the mental state needed to reach the subconscious, emotions and beliefs. Through meditation it is possible to reach this state and create a channel to understand your most complex problems and be able to solve them consciously.

Several benefits are observed by practitioners of the technique, the main ones are:

– Improvement in interpersonal relationships;
– Detachment from issues or people from the past;
– Greater mental clarity;
– Increased self-esteem and empowerment;
– Decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety;
– Decreased physical pain.

Thetahealing is usually sought after by those who have suffered from a problem or annoyance, but everyone can benefit from its practice. After all, his goal is to identify the origins of fears, physical and emotional problems, energy imbalances and even problems like depression, anxiety and panic syndrome.

Thetahealing does not replace conventional treatments for physical and psychological illnesses, but it gives the patient direction to understand what is really happening to him.

First, therapists, by asking questions, find the source of the problems. The therapist then proceeds to stimulate the patient’s body and mind with Theta waves and commands during the session to begin the self-healing process.

Limiting beliefs are truths that you take for yourself, consciously or unconsciously, and that prevent the emergence of other beliefs. Generally, these limiting beliefs are created in childhood through trauma or family influences.

In this way, the belief fosters fear and tension, limiting the person and preventing him from achieving his purposes and living a light life. In Thetahealing, the therapist uses the technique called “digging”, or digging, to identify these beliefs and cancel this limitation through commands.

We unconsciously cultivate patterns of behavior that most often originate from limiting beliefs. The most common energy patterns are:

– Lack of focus and concentration;
– Financial disorganization;
– Difficulties to relate;
– Difficulties to…

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