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Meet the cropped sneakers, a sustainable piece that is on the rise among fashionistas

The 2022 edition of the Lollapaloza festival generated a new controversy in the fashion world. After buzz on social media, cropped sneakers gained more strength and several people decided to take their old shoes out of the closet to model a brand new corset. If you were also shocked by the model’s creativity and boldness, read the article and learn how this trend came about.

Where did cropped sneakers come from?

The cropped sneaker was developed by designer Cierra Boyd during a design contest held in 2019 in the state of Ohio (USA). In the sustainability footprint, Cierra Boyd needed to develop a piece without any fabric. For this, she customized her father’s sneakers that were lying in an attic. Ready! The trend was created that would be talked about in the coming years.

Cierra Boyd owns Frisk Me Good, a sustainable brand that creates pieces from old clothes. With this model, the stylist conquered the famous and became a highlight in the fashion world. Several icons of the pop industry fell in favor of cropped sneakers, such as rapper Cardi B, Kim Petras and Lívia Nunes. Despite being different and daring, the model divided opinions and many people also criticized the cropped sneakers on social media.

Celebrities with cropped sneakers

You probably had your first contact with cropped sneakers through a famous person on social media, right? Fashionistas of the moment, such as influencer Jade Picon and singer Luisa Sonza, loved the trend and used their versions. Below, meet other celebrities who joined the model and get inspired by these daring looks:

1. Jade Picon was one of the first Brazilian influencers to wear cropped sneakers

2. Luisa Sonza recorded the music video ‘sentaDONA’ using the model

3. Lívia Nunes wore a beautiful version with All Star at Paris Fashion Week

4. Artist Ciara also fell in love with the model and wore a bodysuit made with sneakers

5. Ty Bri opted for a monochromatic combo with orange pants and red hair

6. At Lolla, Fernanda Schneider also couldn’t resist and used a wonderful model

7. In the gringa, the singer Kim Petras performed with a different model

8. And finally, the creator of the piece wearing a frilly cropped

It is worth mentioning that even Addidas has launched its own models and made the head of those who are fans of the brand. The tip for those who want to use the piece is to invest in a model with a more neutral color, because that way it is easier to make combinations. Slowly you can build up the courage and throw yourself into a different corset to parade around.

How to make crop top sneakers

Did you feel like having your own cropped sneaker model? So, how about taking that old sneaker of yours from the back of the closet and making a beautiful and fully personalized homemade version? Check out this list of cropped sneakers tutorials and make yours now:

How to crop classic Adidas sneakers

The fans of this brand will love this crop top made from one of the most classic models. Here, the tip is to wear very old shoes and give them a good cleaning beforehand, so they look brand new. To make everything even cuter, invest in a new shoelace too!

How to make basic sneakers cropped

You know those sneakers tucked away in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in decades? So, how about reusing it to make a stylish crop top and join the trend? In this video, you will learn how to make a cropped from a very basic cloth sneaker. To give a look up, it is possible to add chains and reuse another forgotten item in the closet.

How to crop old sneakers

If you’re that kind of person who reuses any piece of clothing, then check out this amazing tutorial to make a cute crop top out of old sneakers! You can use a strong glue instead of venturing into sewing, making the process even easier. Finally, use shoelaces to adjust those regions that need to be tighter.

How to crop pink sneakers

Dying to have your own cropped sneakers, but don’t want to spend a lot on a new piece? So, the tip is to bet on this homemade version using a pink shoe. If you want to implement the look, opt for colorful shoelaces and be creative when putting together the complete look.

So, would you dare to wear cropped sneakers? If you are interested in the idea of ​​reusing old closet pieces to create new models, then be sure to read this article on sustainable fashion, for more creative and nature-friendly looks.

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