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Minibag: how to compose amazing looks with this practical and timeless accessory

The mini bag (or minibag, as it is commonly called) is certainly that accessory that goes back and forth as a trend between one season and another. In various models and materials, it promises to remain for a long time in shop windows, and also in our closets.

This success is thanks to several famous brands that have updated their more traditional models to this new format, in which only the essentials can be carried, such as a cell phone, wallet and lipstick.

Practical, they are indispensable both for formal occasions and for a more casual look, and best of all, they “fit” any style: “A more romantic woman will love a mini bag with pompoms or a floral print. Already the more traditional, she will not give up the leather version, minimalist and that matches everything. There are several models for all types of tastes and occasions”, says Fashion and Style Consultant Nícolas Marçal.

Check out some different proposals for mini bags below and see how to include them in your style with the help of a professional:

mini handbag

The mini handbag can be found in different materials, but the most refined models are the darlings of gala events. According to Nícolas, weddings, graduations or cocktail parties are the occasions where this version is most present.

mini crossbody bag

That trip to the mall, movie theater, downtown or nightclub requires practicality and safety, right? A mini crossbody bag is the right piece for these occasions. Tip from Nícolas: “The diagonal line of the piece will super help to elongate the silhouette”.

leather mini bag

The mini leather bag is the right choice for those looking for a versatile and long-lasting piece. “The models in black and brown, in addition to being timeless, combine with everything and are suitable for several different occasions”, guarantees the professional.

black mini bag

Speaking of versatile pieces, it is worth reinforcing the power of this joker, which is a black bag. This is the best option of choice for mini bags of big brands, investments that we want to last for several seasons. With black there’s no mistake!

Mini bag of other materials

“Here goes the style of each one. The important thing is that if the bag is minimalist, it can have an accessory that draws more attention. If the bag is rich in details, it is better to let it be the protagonist of the production”, adds Nícolas.

8 mini bags that are giants in terms of style

Check out the models below and get yours now:

Where to buy

  1. Black bag with fringe keyring, from Zattini
  2. Black Mini Bag, at Shoestock
  3. Crossbody bag with lapel, from Renner
  4. Somoda black and caramel mini bag, at Zattini
  5. Rounded off white bag, at Renner

You can bet that your choice will accompany you for several seasons!

Looks with a mini bag for you to fall in love with

Get inspired by some fashionista productions below:

A mini short-strap bag will make any look elegant and sophisticated.

And this metallic cross-sectional model is perfect for rocking the club.

The brown leather model is timeless and goes with everything

To style the black bag, invest in fun patches

Some materials match both social and casual looks

That handpiece combined with a killer dress

After all, how can you not love such a charming purse?

Whether winter or summer, rain or shine, the mini bag will always be your inseparable companion on any occasion. Choose your favorite model and go out there rocking in style.

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