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70 modern short hairstyle inspirations for you to rock

A haircut that is the darling of many women is short hair. Only those who venture into modern short cuts know how practical and light they are. Also, the shorter strands guarantee a more youthful and stripped look. So we selected some references to inspire you. Check out!

70 photos of modern short cuts for you to fall in love with

We selected inspirations from modern short cuts to convince you to change your look right now. Read on and see how this look suits all hair types.

1. Modern short cuts are super trend

2. They guarantee a more youthful look

3. And they are easy to care for

4. Plus, they match any hair texture

5. Wavy hair looks cute

6. Short curly hair is wonderful!

7. Short straight hair is also beautiful

8. What about curly hair? They are a hit, right?

9. In other words, short cuts are very versatile!

10. There are countless possibilities of cuts for short and modern hair

11. A cut with a straight base is more modern

12. The peaked and slightly frayed cut, on the other hand, brings a lightness to the look

13. If you are looking for a more casual cut, bet on super shredded with bangs

14. Another super trendy cut is the chanel

15. It never goes out of style

16. You can make your chanel cut edgier with an undercut

17. Or opt for a beaked chanel, it is very wonderful!

18. Making waves in the hair brings modernity to the look

19. You can finish your hair by activating natural waves

20. Or make them with the flat iron, leaving the ends straighter

21. This trick makes waves more natural

22. However, you can use the curling iron

23. And create a more defined waves effect

24. So, are you enjoying our inspiration list?

25. Read on to learn how to complement the short haircut

26. Bandanas are in fashion…

27. They look super stylish and help hold your hair

28. Berets are perfect for lazy days

29. Making a high ponytail is so cute!

30. Or if you prefer, doing a half-up is also fun!

31. And this messy bun? Very beautiful, right?

32. Short hair allows for several possibilities

33. You can drain the wires

34. Or make chanel braids

35. You can also make a bun with the braids, it looks beautiful!

36. To get away from the traditional, how about dyeing the strands in the shade of an illuminated brunette?

37. Or try to make your hair blonde

38. The coppery red also suits short hair

39. But you can be even more daring, leaving your hair all platinum

40. Or colored!

41. Does your short curly hair not form curls?

42. Go for a short layered cut

43. This enhances the curls, leaving them more defined

44. Cutting in layers gives another effect, right?

45. Can ladies get a short cut? Of course yes!

46. ​​Modern short cuts are ageless

47. Matches all styles

48. And personalities

49. Have you managed to choose a favorite cut?

50. There are many wonderful options, right?

51. Like this short cut option with bangs

52. It goes so well with straight hair…

53. As with curly hair

54. Also, you can choose to make a fringe lighter

55. Or denser, both look great!

56. Another style of bangs are the shortest ones

57. They are perfect for those looking for something more stylish

58. But if you cut your bangs and don’t like it, just wait for it to grow

59. Take the opportunity to secure the bangs with some barrettes and stay in fashion!

60. Regardless of the style you choose

61. You will look beautiful for different occasions

62. Like, for example, a business meeting

63. Or a walk with friends

64. In short: modern short cuts are passionate!

65. They make you younger

66. And empowered!

67. The most important

68. It’s you feeling good

69. Self-assured

70. And happy!

It was easy to choose the cut that suits you the most, huh? Now just book an appointment at the salon and rock!

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Learn more about modern short cuts

Want to cut your hair short? We’ve selected some videos for you to see how practical it is to style short hair. Follow:

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Short layered curly hair at home

Want to venture out cutting your hair at home? Then check out this video on how to make a layered cut for curly hair. Youtuber Nicole Marcondes teaches you how to separate your hair correctly so that the layers are perfect.

hairstyles for short hair

Got a haircut but want to do some cool peteando and don’t know how? Don’t worry, we’ll help you! With this video you will learn 2 ways to fasten your short hair. It’s pretty simple, but it’s fun, right?

Waves with flat iron on short hair

Youtuber Victória Rocha teaches how to make waves in short hair in a super fast way. She check out the tips on how to use the flat iron and get a more relaxed and natural wave effect.

Did you like our tips on modern short cuts? So enjoy and see how to make a super hydration with aloe to make the wires shiny and soft.

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