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Scab hair: what it is + tips to take care of the wires right now

You know those hair strands that are already damaged and insist on not defining? It’s the phenomenon called scab hair (healing hair), which can happen during hair transition. These are wires that are born clashing with others and cause a lot of discomfort. However, there is a solution! Check out the best tips to deal with this moment without much stress.

what is scab hair

The hair transition is the period in which straightening and other chemicals are left aside so that the hair regains its natural texture. In this process, scab hair can arise because the root of the hair can be damaged, which causes the appearance of dry and undefined strands. Therefore, scab hair is hair that is born damaged.

In addition to chemicals, flat irons, dryers, braids and other interventions can be aggressive agents to the hair and cause the problem. Despite causing great discomfort in some people, it is necessary to remember that the birth of damaged hair is temporary and is part of your hair transition process. In addition, it is possible to deal with this period with treatments that alleviate the problem.

How to treat scab hair

If the problem is happening to you, be very calm at this time, as some care can alleviate it. Below are some tips you can follow to have a smoother hair transition.

  • Hair massage with vegetable oils: coconut oil, olive oil and other vegetable oils can treat the hair from the follicle, preventing the growth of new hair with the problem.
  • Investing in the hair schedule: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction of the wires help to ensure the strengthening of the hair so that it grows healthier.
  • Use growth tonics: during the hair transition, the desire for the hair to grow soon is unanimous. Growth and strengthening tonics make the scab hair process go by faster, causing new healthy hair to grow.
  • Maintain a healthy diet: the biggest ally in the growth of healthy hair is food. Therefore, try to consume foods rich in vitamins and proteins that will help in this process.
  • Cut often: there’s no way around it, the only way to completely eliminate scab hair is to cut it. But be patient: soon your hair will be born without these damaged strands.

It may seem hopeless and make you want to give up on the transition, but keep in mind that this period is fleeting and soon your curls will grow full of life!

Precious tips to face the moment without despair

Bloggers teach the best techniques to deal with this moment without crisis. Check it out below and learn valuable tips to treat these damaged wires.

How to use vegetable oils on damaged hair

In this video, Mari Morena explains how to use vegetable oils and essential oils on the scalp and hair to treat damaged ones. In addition, the blogger also talks about the use of shea butter at this time of hair transition.

Powerful hydration

Daiane Nascimento teaches a homemade recipe in this video. Keratin, moisturizing cream and coconut oil form a perfect mixture to use on damaged hair. Worth a try!

Hair schedule for scab hair

In the capillary schedule, the hair receives everything it needs – hydration, nutrition and reconstruction -, so it is very important during this period. Learn how to do it in an adapted way for damaged hair.

The best scab hair creams

In addition to checking out the best creams to use on damaged strands, in this video you will also learn how to make a checkout that disguises the problem. You can have defined hair even with scab hair, yes!

With these drooling tips, it’s easier to go through the hair transition. Don’t worry about damaged strands: following these tips, they will soon disappear.

Products to treat scab hair

It is worth investing in some products to face the dryness of the wires. Below we list some options based on blogger reviews, take a look:

  1. Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo Elseve, at Época Cosmetics
  2. Cream gel for hair transition, at Salon Line
  3. Maximum definition styling cream, at Salon Line
  4. Bio Extratus post chemical hydration mask, at Ikesaki
  5. SOS strengthening tonic, on the Salon Line

With these tips and product suggestions, there’s no reason to despair during scab hair. How about also checking out tips for hair transition? We are sure that your process will be smoother with this information.

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