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How to wear a sarong: the versatile and fresh accessory for summer

In summer, the canga is a must-have piece for beach or pool days. It is versatile and can be used in many ways, such as a shower exit and with its most well-known function, extending it on the sand and lying or sitting on it.

There are indications that the canga appeared in the 19th century in Mozambique, when women began to buy cotton scarves with different prints from Portugal. Several mooring ideas emerged and thus the canga was born, which in a short time became a fever in Mozambique and other African countries.

Made of light fabric, it is fresh and covers the body if you want to leave the beach and go straight to a restaurant, for example. It can be used as a miniskirt, long skirt, dress, blouse and even as a bag for carrying light objects. Just unleash your creativity and throw yourself in the yoke!

To help you, we’ve separated some creative ideas on how to use this versatile accessory that will make your beach look more colorful and stylish. Check out:

Canga as a long skirt

The sarong used as a long skirt is suitable for many situations, it all depends on the fabric and pattern. Style consultant Danyla Borobia recommends wearing tops that adjust to the waist to harmonize the composition, a nice tip is the shirts with a little knot that are super high. To complete the look, sandals, a hat and maxi accessories add a sophisticated touch.

Danyla also says that the less sophisticated the fabric and the fewer colors in the print, the more informal the piece becomes. These are perfect for use on the beach or in the pool. Leave the silk or linen ones for outings that require more formality.

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Canga as a miniskirt

Using the sarong as a miniskirt is a great alternative for those who want to bet on a sexier style, points out Danyla. If you want to leave your legs out but don’t want to show your body too much, composing the look with a bathing suit or bodysuit is a very interesting tip. Cangas with strategic cuts and transparencies can be used in a “beach party”, advises Danyla.

yoke as a blouse

A blouse is perhaps the most versatile option to create with a sarong. The style consultant says it can be done in a variety of ways by just changing the lace, and it goes well with any bottom. Bet on the pants that are in fashion, like the pantacourt, and leave the look with a modern face. The sarong can also be used over another blouse or a dress, just be creative. Danyla warns that, if the blouse is too loose, it’s nice to opt for a tighter bottom.

Canga as a halter dress

The single front model is widely used in summer, as it is easy to tie and makes the look different. The tip that Danyla gives is to invest in accessories if she wants to leave the beach and go to lunch, for example. To mark the silhouette, it is worth putting a belt to mark the waist, valuing the curves of the body.

Canga as a strapless dress

The sarong used as a strapless dress deserves special attention. The style consultant warns about the type of swimsuit and bikini that best matches this piece: “For the look to be more interesting, it is best to compose it with swimsuits or bikinis, also strapless, without straps and a lot of information in the lap region. .”. Leaving the bikini or bathing suit strap (and even the bra, if applicable) on display runs away from the proposal of the strapless model, which is to highlight the region below the neck.

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Tips for using the yoke in various ways

Learn several ways to tie your sarong and create models to change your beach look:

11 ways to turn sarong into a dress, by Jessica Belcost

With creativity, you can create many looks with one piece. See Jessica Belcost’s tips.

7 ways to tie a sarong, by Gabriela Mayall

In addition to dresses, Gabi shows that it is possible to make several other bindings and create blouses, hair bands and other accessories with the yoke.

With these tips and your creativity, your sarong will never be a simple fabric to sit on!

10 wonderful sarongs for you to buy

How about starting to plan the looks to wear on the beach? Choose your favorite to guarantee super stylish productions in the summer!

Where to buy

  1. Canga 101 Resort Wear, at Dafiti
  2. Baski Wear Bali Blue Beach Wrap at Dafiti
  3. Round toweling beach canga – Pink, at Bauarte
  4. Canga Brigitte Print Coqueiros, at Farfetch
  5. Canga Nó Touch Esmeralda, at Lenny Niemeyer
  6. Adriana Degreas Printed Canga, at Farfetch
  7. Beach Canga Bali Beach Floral Black, at Dafiti
  8. Beach Canga Printed with Tassel, at Renner
  9. Canga Knot Tie Dye Iris, at Lenny Niemeyer

There is no shortage of options, for sure one of them will please you!

More inspiring looks with sarong

To finish inspiring you to create beach productions full of creativity, check out more looks with sarong:

The sarongs can also be used in other situations, not just on the beach or in the pool, just pay attention to the fabric and know how to combine with the other pieces and accessories. You already know which piece is worth taking in your suitcase to the beach, right? Grab your yoke and rock!

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