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20 creative and stylish manicure options to stay on trend

Not only does a manicure make your hands well-groomed, it can also be an important part of your look, attracting attention and telling a lot about a woman’s taste. Geometric French nails, nude nail polish with colorful accents, fruit designs, golden details, ornaments in pastel tones, eye-catching details — diversity and all its tones and nuances are in fashion these days, and our article today is proof. from that.

We, from awesome.club, we love well-manicured and tasteful nails. With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of 20 examples of relevant and modern manicures to share with you. And in the end, we prepared a bonus which proves that getting your nails done can also be fun and full of meaning. Check out!

Pastel tones with gold

Nude manicure with colorful accents

Manicure with designs of sliced ​​fruits

minimalist little hearts

ocean waves

colored clouds

Flowers with geometric details

Transparent nail tips

A more modern take on the classic nude manicure

Nails with delicate tones

Designs inspired by nature

Color mix

Francesinha with one of the corners of the nail colored and textured

Drawing style “he loves me, he loves me badly”

shades of blue

Manicure with forget-me-nots for mother and daughter to match

Leopard print and flashy orange combo

geometric French girl

delicate chrome

drawings of cherries

Bonus № 1: “The client told me that she wanted her nails decorated with glitter. My inner child was so happy!”

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Bonus № 2: “I painted my puppies in my wedding manicure”

Which manicure style do you like best on your nails? Do you already know how you are going to do them on your next visit to the beauty salon? Tell us in the comments section.

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