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How to do golden makeup to shine brighter than the sun

Illuminated like the hottest days of the year, gold is the right bet for those looking to light up their look with great elegance! The secret to all this success? “Gold makeup looks good for both day and night! It matches a casual event, even a baphonico look for a wedding or party”, says makeup artist Luciano Alencar, from Pierre Louis Coiffeur. Do you want to learn how to do a respectful golden makeup? Follow the post:

Golden makeup step by step

Below, makeup artist Luciano Alencar teaches how to do a beautiful makeup using gold. It’s worth learning!

Preparing the skin:

  1. Spread a good foundation, suitable for your skin type, all over the face to correct imperfections;
  2. Apply the concealer on the dark circles;
  3. Enhance brows with brow pencil – if they are light, use a shade of brown.

Get to work:

  1. Put a golden eyeshadow on the eyelids and the crease of the eyes;
  2. Apply brown eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eyes and blend;
  3. Make an eyeliner very close to the lashes on the upper eyelid;
  4. Pass the pencil close to the lower lashes;
  5. Apply several coats of mascara to the upper lashes and lightly to the lower lashes;
  6. Put blush lightly on the cheekbones;
  7. Finish with illuminator to make the makeup even more radiant. If you want, apply a lipstick or lip gloss – for even more glow!

Anyone who sees all that shine even thinks it’s hard, right? Blending well, everything settles down! The shine you can dose according to your taste.

Other ways to do golden makeup to shine around

Creamy eyeshadow, pigment, glitter… There are many possible products and techniques to achieve a stunning golden make-up. See some options and choose your favorite!

easy golden makeup

This makeup is ideal for those who want to shine a lot, but with a more basic proposal. Without markings, you will use only golden eyeshadows to make your eyes radiant!

Gold smokey makeup with brown

The glitter will make your look a little more sophisticated. You can opt for other smokey colors, such as pink, orange, yellow or red. It looks beautiful!

golden korean makeup

Learn how to make an illuminated make up in the Korean style. Despite all the sparkles, this makeup is softer and leaves the eyes beautiful, especially the oriental ones.

Cut Crease golden with orange

Want a more impactful look? Bet on this beautiful golden makeup with cut crease all over the eyelid. The orange is the perfect background for the gold to shine even more!

Cut crease gold with brown and black

A more classic version that never goes out of style! Black makes the make more striking and powerful. Just like in the video, you can make several layers of glitter to make the shine more intense.

40 golden makeups to copy and shine

See beautiful golden makeup inspirations for you to increase your production. Unleash your creativity and let the glow happen!

1. How about starting with a more basic production?

2. If you can be basic with gold

3. The golden eyeshadow can be the protagonist of your makeup

4. Add a black eyeliner and make the look more impactful

5. Brown smokey is gold’s best friend

6. But how about adding some color?

7. If you are more traditional, bet on a very warm brown to accompany the gold

8. Gold and pink makeup is great for anyone who wants to add some color to their eyes.

9. Orange also goes very well

10. It’s such a beautiful color that it alone is enough to make your makeup look amazing

11. It’s impossible to resist the glam that gold gives to the look

12. Try using it on your foxy eye

13. And that pink waterline? A knockout!

14. Speaking of gold makeup with pink, check out this inspiration

15. Green also goes great with gold

16. There is no doubt that gold is pure glamor

17. Besides being the face of summer

18. You can also invest in bolder options

19. Or stick to the classic gold with eyeliner

20. Which is a make-up for every possible occasion

21. Cooler shades of gold are beautiful

22. Are full of sophistication

23. It’s a great option for those with a cool undertone

24. Delicate without losing the power that shine has

25. How about abusing the bliho in the lap too?

26. You can unleash your creativity and abuse the graphic outlined + glitter combo

27. Have an elongated look with a beautiful smoky eyeliner

28. For those who want to make a golden make up in moderation, bet on the color in the inner corner of the eye

29. Or dare with a golden eyelid

30. A golden makeup that brings richness to the eyes

31. It’s a perfect make-up to wear at parties and special occasions

32. Bigger sparkles give a mega effect on makeup

33. And speaking of effect, the graphic outlines make any look baphonic

34. This silver and gold inspiration is just a luxury!

35. Beautiful, isn’t it?

36. With pebbles then, everything gets more glamorous

37. Want a different make-up? Bet on golden papers

38. Turn your golden makeup into a jewel

39. Now it’s your turn to choose your favorite makes

40. And do the brightest golden makeup

Did you manage to choose a favorite golden makeup? Test as much as you want and remember: the brighter, the better! To get even more radiant, learn more about liquid highlighter!

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