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7 websites to buy clothes abroad and rock

Anyone who thinks that only those traveling abroad can take advantage of the options (and prices!) of clothes sold abroad is wrong. Today, thanks to the internet, there is no longer any distance and online shopping is all the rage! However, you need to be careful to choose reputable stores and not fall into any trap in the virtual world.

Necessary care when shopping on foreign sites

That story that purchases below US$ 50.00 are not taxed when entering Brazil is not valid for all cases. This only happens when the sender and recipient are individuals. Any goods purchased abroad over the internet are subject to customs duties and the fee is 60% of the value of the goods. Remember to consider the risk of this cost at the time of purchase! Do not forget that the cost of shipping, if charged, is also subject to the import tax.

What if my purchase is taxed? It’s not a seven-headed beast. You will receive a paper from the Post Office saying that an order in your name has been taxed. They will also inform the agency where the merchandise is held and the amount for release. If the amount is higher than expected, you can print the page that shows your order on the website and fill out a form at the post office asking for a review of the fee charged.

You need an international credit card to be able to make purchases on foreign websites. The good news is that this is a relatively easy request to make through your bank’s call center. Some stores also allow payment via PayPal, but be aware that not all of them.

The most economical delivery options (including free ones) usually do not offer a tracking number, which lets you know where your package is. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra to be more secure and in control of what you’re buying.

And prefer to buy on international sites well in advance. As much as there is a delivery forecast, there is always a chance of delay.

7 international clothing stores that deliver in Brazil

To make good choices online, check out a list of 8 safe sites that sell cool clothes to wear and abuse foreign purchases. You will not regret! Check out:

1. Romwe (Hong Kong)

If you are looking for different pieces that have not yet arrived in Brazil, this is a great option. Prices are not as inviting as other sites, but still worth it when compared to Brazilian stores. Lab coats and leggings are all the rage and there are several options in the $30 range. Delivery to Brazil is expected to take 15 to 25 business days, but the good news is that it’s free.

2. Asos (England)

The store offers a multitude of clothing options following a more basic and elegant line. There are also plus size options and options for pregnant women. A good tip for those looking for more attractive prices is to check out the special promotions page. Deliveries are free to Brazil and arrive in about nine days.

3. Aeropostale (USA)

The darling of Brazilian women traveling abroad started delivering in Brazil a short time ago, so it’s time to take advantage of it. Exclusive and cool pieces to anticipate the season’s trends around here. An advantage is that you can pay taxes and fees in advance at the time of purchase. It gets more expensive, but you save yourself the headache of your purchase being stopped at customs (read the tips at the end of the text to learn more about this risk). Delivery is expected to take six to 11 days.

4. Macy’s (USA)

Another favorite when it comes to shopping for those traveling to the United States, Macy’s also started to deliver to Brazil. Just like in the physical store, prepare to be lost in the midst of so many options. It also offers the option to anticipate fees and taxes, with delivery expected in six to 11 business days.

5. ModClotch (USA)

Elegant, romantic and charming pieces are the strength of this store, which still offers plus size and vintage models. Delivery, however, is charged and the cheapest option for Brazil is around US$ 20.00 to be received in seven to 21 business days.

6. NastyGal (USA)

A great option for those looking for modern pieces that are out of the ordinary. Prices are not the cheapest, but the careful selection of parts makes it worth paying a little more. Another positive point is that the store also offers instant conversion to reais. Delivery is free for anyone who spends more than $150 and is expected to take two to four weeks.

7. Chicwish (England)

Romantic and delicate pieces are the strength of this site, which offers a page exclusively dedicated to promotions (sale). There is the option to convert automatically to real and deliveries are free to Brazil (takes from 12 to 25 business days).

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