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How to use a reconstructive mask: 10 best options for your hair

With the rush of everyday life, it is common not to pay much attention to highlights. Often, they may need special products, such as the reconstructive mask, which promises to give shine and protection to the hair. To learn more about this product, we talked to hairdresser Renata Libardo. Check out the details below!

What is the reconstructive mask and what is it for?

It is a mask that will rebuild the hair by closing the cuticle that is open or dry for longer, thus providing protection and shine. Each product has a different technology and formula, however, the main ingredients in common these masks have are:

In addition to these, there are brands that use other ingredients, such as argan, fruit extract or a vitamin that helps in this technology.

8 best reconstructive masks to take care of locks

We know what the reconstructive mask is for and when its use is indicated. So it’s time to get to know the best options available on the market. For that, check out the bloggers’ assessment of the following brands:

1. 2 in 1 Cashew and Murumuru Treatment Cream – $

This Skala mask is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot, but want an excellent result. It contains Murumuru, a 100% Brazilian ingredient that, after being extracted, resembles a high-quality butter. A product that promises to give movement and alignment to the wires!

“Regarding the Reconstruction and Nutri Reconstruction that it promises, it’s also very nice, it leaves the ends recovered and helps a lot to leave the wires nourished, aligning the wires and leaving them emollient. In general, I really liked it and it was one of the masks of the brand that my hair liked the most, I liked the formula, because it is natural and reacted very well to my hair without causing any rebound effect or weighing down my hair.” – Sugar Pepper

2. SOS Mask Hydration Bio-Reconstruction Strengthening Salon Line – $

This one, in addition to the cost-benefit, stands out for being inclusive: it can be used on all types of hair. Amazing, isn’t it? It contains egg, collagen and keratin assets, which regenerate the fiber of the wires and make them stronger. In addition, the application is super-fast and the result appears after about three minutes.

“My hair was beautiful, shiny and very silky. I could see the difference. In addition, the smell of the product still faithfully remained. What enchanted me the most was that even the other day the hair was much lower and aligned.” – Chris Nobrega

3. Novex Plastic Anti-Age Mask – $$

Here, the product is indicated for those who have lifeless hair. It contains Camelina Dourada oil, which is rich in omega 3 and vitamin E. In addition to rebuilding and restoring shine to the locks, it also has antioxidant action.

“For my hair it is a great at-home maintenance cream. My thread is breaking and falling out much less. I thought it made my strands shiny even now that the red is already fading. It doesn’t weigh down my mixed hair and leaves my hair very soft despite being dyed.” – Ju Romano

4. L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Mask – $$$$

Want a professional and salon result? So, this mask is an excellent option. That’s because it contains AçãoLipidium, a cocktail with several ingredients responsible for rebuilding hair fibers deeply. Finally, it also helps to reduce hair porosity and frizz.

“Absolute Repair is an excellent mask with nourishing and reconstructive action, which left my hair soft, hydrated, stronger and nourished. It is fast acting and has a very pleasant scent. It is more than approved!” – Beauty Desires

5. Haskell Strong Horse Reconstruction and Moisturizing Mask – $$$

The Haskell mask, in addition to rebuilding the wires, helps in the growth of highlights. It contains assets that help the hair grow healthy and without split ends, as well as helping the wires elasticity and protecting them from external actions.

“The mask has a softer texture, very creamy and detangles the hair very well, it is very emollient. The hair dried very soft -I loved the softness part- very hydrated and the next day it was even better. Because as the line is very potent, the next day the hair had already absorbed the excess. The only downside was that the hair got oily faster, but I really liked the result.” – Bia Munstein

6. Forever Liss ICU Reconstructive Mask – $$$$

Another amazing mask for anyone who wants a professional result. It has technology with assets such as collagen, keratin and protein. Super indicated for hair that has suffered from chemical processes and needs intensive treatment to have shine, softness and silkiness again.

“As my hair has already undergone a lot of chemical process, the mask was perfect for my case. My hair felt very soft to the touch, and the hair loss during the shower also decreased.” – Bá Nassar

7. Complete Repair Amend Intensive Reconstructive Mask – $$$

Amend’s mask also promises to give life back to brittle strands. In its formula, it has Bio-Amino Reconstructors, which deeply repairs the hair fiber, bringing back shine and softness to the wires, in addition to protecting them against external aggressions.

“Result? Extremely soft, shiny, resistant and full-bodied hair. Using it every 15 days it never weighed my hair down, but if you overdo it it will definitely weigh you down. What I love most about this Repair mask from Amend is that it never made my hair hard, nor does it look like reconstruction, the hair is so silky. It is a great investment and worth every penny.” – Divando women

8. Match SOS Reconstruction Hair Mask – $$$

Here, the proposal is to leave the strands recovered, strong and resistant. The brand promises hair 3x more resistant to breakage from the first use. As ingredients, it uses amino acids and protein to guarantee the promised result.

“I liked my experience with the product and the practicality of performing a reconstruction on the wires, without that need to stay for a long time with the product on the wires, I managed to have the same result doing it in such a short time in the bath.” – Dayane Guimaraes

Now that you know the best mask options, it’s time to learn the correct way to use them, don’t you think?

How to use a reconstructive mask step by step

  1. Hygienize the wires only with shampoo;
  2. Remove excess water from the wires;
  3. Make a part of the hair, the more parts the better;
  4. Apply from length to ends, without touching the root and massage;
  5. Leave for the time indicated on the package;
  6. The ideal is to have a form of heat to open the hair cuticle and the product to penetrate the hair better, such as climazon, sun or thermal touch;
  7. Rinse without using conditioner.

The frequency of treatment depends on whether the hair is natural or bleached. The natural one needs maintenance every 15 days or once a month to maintain its shine. If you have discoloration or porosity, it is recommended to use every week.

In addition, before using any product on the hair, it is necessary to evaluate the type of wire to identify the need. Thus, you will analyze whether the hair needs a shine mask, a reconstructor or just a deeper hydration.

Renata also explains that it is important to check the type of hair and the product so as not to weigh too much. This is because if the hair is very porous, the product will not give the expected result.

Did you see how this mask can bring your wires back to life? If you liked this content, you will love to see more information about the hair schedule!

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