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How to wear a miniskirt to give a sensual touch to the look

Since it was created by Mary Quant in London in the 1960s, the miniskirt has never left the women’s wardrobe. The piece conveys femininity, sensuality and the personality that its owner chooses.

Unlike long and midi skirts, which require more specific combinations and tricks to not have the flat look, the miniskirt is much easier to wear.

Democratic, it ranges from day to night, casual to sophisticated and can appear in an incredible range of fabrics and materials.

Still, there are ways to enjoy each type of miniskirt in the best way for your body, for your style, for the occasion you intend to wear it and in every season of the year! Check out.

denim miniskirt

Jeans skirt is one of the most versatile pieces of wardrobe, being able to go from the beach to the club. How you use it depends on your common sense and the occasion.

“Today, fashion is experiencing a more comfortable moment and ample patterns are more on the rise”, says fashion consultant Carol Coelho.

“Another important tip is to balance the look. If you’re going to wear a miniskirt, avoid blouses that are low-cut, tight-fitting, or see-through. That way you avoid the look to be exaggerated”, adds image consultant Renata Brasil.

On the feet, each shoe gives a different look to the look. Flats make the look more casual and relaxed, sneakers and slippers also call for relaxation and style, sneakers make you more romantic and sandals and heels are ideal for going out at night.

embroidered miniskirt

Embroidered skirts alone attract attention, being great options for those days when you want to rock the look.

“The embroideries are more sophisticated, they can be used for a club or party at night. To complete the look, put on a silk shirt or plain blouse. This tip also applies to skirts with fabric in sequins, rhinestones, pearls or a mix of embroidery”, says Renata Brasil.

crochet miniskirt

Crochet pieces can either give a retro or modern and stripped look to the look. But it is necessary to pay attention to the volume that this fabric gives to the silhouette.

“The tip for this trend is to always balance the proportions, so that your look doesn’t get loaded and doesn’t disfavor your body. If you choose to wear looser and bulkier pieces on top, try to compose the look with tighter pieces on the bottom”, teaches consultant Renata Brasil.

Curvy women don’t have to be afraid to wear crochet skirts and full-bodied fabrics. “As the fabric is thicker and has a lot of texture, it can certainly give the impression of increasing the hips, but then just choose a cut that favors you, such as a pencil skirt, which will give you an elongated look”, is the tip. by consultant Carol Coelho.

printed miniskirt

The printed miniskirt can be controversial: depending on the design, it can be amazing for the look as it can also leave you completely out of sync, so you always have to be careful with the print and the chosen combinations.

“Prints can increase or decrease the hip, depending on the size. That tiny floral ends up increasing much more than a medium print, which is the most democratic. There is no rule for day or night, but prints such as chevron and polka dots are super elegant and accompany us perfectly in more chic situations”, says Carol Coelho.

Gated or pleated miniskirt

“A flared skirt or A-line skirt does not increase the hips as much as a bell skirt (the one with a frill at the hem), and it can even be a good option to balance the hips with the rest of the body”, says consultant Carol Coelho.

“It’s an elegant and timeless cut, it favors wide hips. Pleats create volume and are riskier for those who are overweight or have wide hips. The tip to be happy and wear it anyway is to put a more elaborate piece on the top, like an embroidered shirt, a maxi necklace, a strong lipstick, etc”, she completes.

bandage miniskirt

The bandage style modeling is difficult to use because it marks the silhouette too much, exalting all the curves and can leave the look exaggerated if used with a lot of neckline, high heels or shine.

The tip is to try to make the look more casual and harmonious with sneakers, flat shoes and loose blouses. “Skirts in this style can be used with shirts made of light fabrics, simpler tops and without major details, because the bandage fabric is very striking”, warns Carol Coelho.

high waisted mini skirt

High-waisted skirts, on the other hand, look good on all body types and can be worn with either tighter or wider pieces at the top. Depending on the shirt and shoe you choose, “the style will be different in every situation. The cropped top is the best companion for the high waist and makes for a super current and modern look. In work environments, prefer to wear them with shirts”, explains the fashion consultant.

Mini skirt for every body type

Image consultant Renata Brasil gives the tips to rock miniskirts for your body type:

  • Shorts: if the intention is to elongate the silhouette, the fairest are the best friends. Bet on: classic miniskirts, in the natural line of the waist and preferably with dark washes.
  • Wide hip: to disguise the area, think of dark tones and washes and pieces with stretch. Bet on: miniskirts with a slightly low waistband, in order to give space to accommodate your butt.
  • Without butt: to give volume to the region, think of miniskirts with the waistband very low. Bet on: miniskirts with details in the back pockets and high heels, which help project the butt upwards.
  • Belly: If the goal is to take the focus off the belly, think of miniskirts not too high and not too low – enough to cover the area. Bet on: miniskirts a little below the natural line of the waist or with stretch, that support the belly without marking, and looser blouses.

Where to find miniskirts in online stores

It is not difficult to find miniskirts in stores, whether in winter or summer. Here are some of the most amazing ones available on the market:

Inspiring looks with miniskirt

Bloggers show that the miniskirt can be the key piece of fresh and vibrant summer looks…

…how to compose sober, warm and beautiful looks in winter!

The miniskirt is a classic and it is worth having several models in the closet. What’s your favorite?

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