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Black Forest Cake: 22 Recipes That Will Sweeten Your Taste and Your Life!

Black Forest cake is a typical German dessert that has conquered palates all over the world. Its original recipe is made with chocolate dough and whipped cream and cherry filling, but it is possible to be bold and add more ingredients to the preparation. Want to learn how to prepare this delight? Then check out the selection of recipes we made:

simple recipes

1. Simple Black Forest Cake: Incredibly delicious, this recipe is great for anyone who doesn’t know how to cook. The ingredients list is short: eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, whipped cream and cherries. Follow the step by step of the video and do it at home!

2. Black Forest Cake with Emulsifier: There are no secrets to preparing the cake here. The difference is in the emulsifier that is added to the list of ingredients and that makes the dough lighter, fluffy and perfect for decorating.

3. Original German Black Forest Cake: How about learning how to prepare the original cake recipe? Then follow this recipe. Here you will also discover how to make cherries in syrup and enjoy!

4. Black Forest Cake with Cherry Liqueur: Here the cake recipe has been modified, but the delicious taste remains. The difference is in the ganache made with semisweet chocolate, milk cream and cherry liqueur. It will be used to decorate the dessert and also to be mixed with the whipped cream. The result will surprise you!

5. Black Forest Cake with Cherry Jam: the cherry liqueur gives a special touch to the cake, but for those who do not consume alcoholic beverages, this recipe is the solution. With it you will learn how to prepare a delicious cherry jam that can replace the liqueur without losing its flavor.

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6. Black Forest Cake with Vanilla Essence: simple to make and delicious, this option takes butter, eggs, sugar, warm milk, vanilla essence, chocolate powder, wheat flour, yeast, fresh cream, icing sugar , cherries in syrup and chocolate shavings.

7. Black Forest Cake with Cocoa Powder: This recipe is similar to the previous ones, but the difference lies in the preparation of the dough. It is the traditional sponge cake, but with an ingredient that gives it a special touch: cocoa powder. Check out all the recipe tips and prepare this delight at home!

8. Black Forest Cake with Soluble Coffee: Are you one of those people who can’t live without coffee? Then this option will delight you!

9. Black forest cake with cream: here, instead of using the traditional whipped cream to make the layers of filling, you will use cream with condensed milk – and that makes everything tastier! The secret is to beat the two ingredients until they have the firmness of whipped cream.

10. Black forest cake with chantininho: whipped cream is one of the highlights, but how about making it even better? With this recipe, you will learn how to prepare a “chantininho”, a filling made with a mixture for whipped cream, icing sugar, powdered milk, unflavored colorless gelatin and water. Amazing, right?!

11. Black forest cake with white brigadeiro mousse: in this option you have another alternative for the filling. Replacing the traditional whipped cream, prepare a white brigadeiro mousse with cherry.

12. Black forest cake with chocolatudo cream: chocolate makes everything even better and this recipe is no different! Here, you will fill the preparation with a delicious cream.

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different recipes

13. Black Forest Mousse Cake: Cake and mousse are two amazing desserts that get even more amazing when put together. How about trying it?

14. Differentiated Black Forest Cake: this option is amazing, because besides being delicious, it’s beautiful! You will learn how to assemble the cake in a different way that is perfect to serve on a special occasion, such as a birthday. See all the tips in the video and learn how to do it!

15. Black Forest Cake with Nest Milk Cream and Chocolate: this is another perfect recipe for birthday parties. This cake takes a mouth-watering Ninho milk cream with chocolate. Also, you can decorate it with pieces of white and dark chocolate. What did you think of the idea?

16. Black Forest Naked Cake: Who said a cake needs to have a lot of icing to be tasty? The naked cake is proof that it is possible to make something incredibly delicious with simplicity. Check out the recipe preparation and assembly tips and add this option to your dessert list!

17. Special Halloween Black Forest Cake: For a Halloween party, the cake has to be tasty and also scary. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients.

18. Black Forest Truffle Cake: Have you ever thought about making a black forest cake with truffle filling? A golden tip is to use ice cream. Watch the full tutorial and prepare this delight today!

19. Black Forest Cake on the Platter: Looking for a perfect dessert recipe to serve on a special occasion? This option will surprise you! The difference is in the way it is assembled and served: all done on a platter.

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20. Minibolo Black Forest: Do you want to taste a delicious cake, but think that a traditional recipe is complicated? This mini black forest cake is the perfect option. As the preparation is simple, it can be done at any time of the day.

21. Black Forest Pot Cake: How about earning an extra income and selling delicious pot cakes to those you know? This recipe is easy to make, uses affordable ingredients and tastes great.

22. Black forest ice cream cake: the mix cake + ice cream makes anyone’s mouth water. Everyone will love the result!

Savoring a yummy cake makes any day perfect, doesn’t it?! If it’s a really cold cake, then… even better! To refresh your life and sweeten your heart, we have made a selection of amazing coconut ice cream cake recipes. Be sure to check it out!

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