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How to wear a knit cap to ensure a very modern look

The knit cap is a perfect accessory for those who want to modernize their look. After all, it combines very well with street style. However, depending on the color and model, you can also get a more romantic look. Versatile, it still ensures you stay warmer on cold days. Liked? So, learn how to make it and see inspirational models.

How to make a knitting cap at home

Are you wanting to knit a cap? In the videos below, you can see different models that can be a great success. See all the details and rock the wool and needles!

Knitted cap with pompom

In this video, number 4 needle wool is used for both the bonnet and the pompom. Needles needed are 4.5 and 5.5. The step-by-step is very detailed and as a result, you have a well-crafted knit cap that still has the pompom.

Knitted cap with braid

Want to learn how to make a cap with beautiful details? This braided model can be an excellent bet. If you still want an extra charm, you can also insert the pompom. The step by step is well explained which makes it easy to follow.

maxi knit cap

You know that cap that is big and very stylish? That’s what you learn to do in this video. So you can use it folded or even stretched out: the choice is yours!

easy knit cap

A basic cap already makes your look much more modern and can still warm you up on cold days. If it’s a simple model you’re looking for, check out all the details in this video.

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children’s cap

Want to make a cap to gift or sell? Here, you can find tips on how to make a model that fits children from 2 to 5 years old and another from 5 to 10 years old. The result is pure charm!

After watching the videos, you can start making your own knit caps with needles, yarn and a little patience.

55 knitting cap photos that will encourage you to wear it

Now that you’ve seen how to knit your cap, how about checking out inspirational images to rock the look, or even models that will help you unleash your creativity at work? Thus, it is easy to innovate the look and even make new models. Look that:

1. The knit cap is a great piece to adhere to

2. That’s because, even in the basic version

3. She is an accessory full of charm

4. Which can be found in the most varied colors

5. And in different models

6. See how just the color change makes a difference

7. And how it gives an extra charm to the look

8. In addition to being a warm piece

9. What makes it perfect for cold days

10. If you like discreet colors, choose gray

11. Or other neutral colors such as black

12. If you knit the cap to sell

13. It’s worth adding a tag with your brand

14. For it to be discreet, invest in the same color as the line

15. Thus, your identity will always be present on the product

16. If you want a knit cap that looks like winter

17. Mustard yellow is a great color choice

18. As well as other dark tones

19. If you like it, you don’t have to leave the vibrant colors aside

20. The idea is to invest in a model and color that you like

21. So you can abuse the knitting cap

22. A good bet is to dare with the tallest models

23. Thus, you guarantee a modern look

24. No need to work

25. Another alternative is the knit cap with pompom

26. Ideal for those looking for a romantic proposal

27. Or even more relaxed

28. There are very colorful models

29. And others more discreet

30. You can use two colors

31. And even bet on drawings

32. As you can see, even with pompom

33. The knit cap is a very versatile piece

34. And you can use it to add more charm to the look

35. Just like to get out of the rut

36. With a piece that stands out

37. There are also more neutral options

38. Which, even so, do not go unnoticed

39. And they guarantee a lot of style for your look

40. Details make the difference

41. As in the case of stripes

42. Check out this inspiration

43. Now, if you want a cool look

44. Bet on the dropped knit cap

45. She will definitely upgrade your look

46. ​​There are also more fun models

47. And who have beautiful braids

48. There is no shortage of options

49. For you to rock with a bonnet

50. In case you’re thinking about some extra cash

51. How about making a children’s knit cap?

52. There are options that are pure charm

53. And that can help you financially

54. Be abusing colors

55. Or even with a unicorn model

Did you see how the knit cap is a piece that yields several visual possibilities? In addition to using it to enhance the look, you can make pieces to sell or even to give as gifts to loved ones. And if you like the technique, also check out knitting collar tips.

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