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30 ideas to include lurex in your looks and rock the shine

Glitter is a very popular element in party looks, but it doesn’t need to be excluded from everyday life. A perfect choice for any of these occasions are lurex pieces, which despite being shiny, look good even in the most basic outfits.

What is lurex?

Lurex is a shiny and soft fabric, formed by polyester coated threads that bring the metallic aspect to the pieces. Silver and gold are the most common colors, but it is possible to find the fabric in other tones, prints and textures.

30 looks with lurex that will conquer you

Want ideas on how to include lurex in your productions? Check out looks for different styles and occasions below:

1. To start off well, a photo that proves the power of lurex

2. Is there more luxury than a shiny outfit?

3. The fabric looks amazing combined with leather

4. And with velvet it’s super stylish

5. The lurex pleated skirt is a powerful piece

6. The pants create irreverent looks

7. And the dress is a piece that was born for lurex

8. It gets powerful in the mini model

9. Elegant and sexy in midi dresses

10. And in the long ones it creates a classic party look

11. In addition to silver, lurex also appears in gold

12. And in many other shades

13. You can compose a respectful work look

14. Both with a more glamorous touch

15. How much in a more stripped down line

16. An inspiration for the coldest days

17. It’s a light and delicate idea for a sunny day

18. But can you use lurex during the day? Of course yes!

19. Combine it with other basic pieces and rock the style

20. Or don’t skimp on glitter and impress everyone

21. The pleated lurex skirt with stripes is just love

22. A basic and comfortable blouse, but full of style

23. With this jumpsuit you don’t even need shoes

24. Here, proof that it is possible to use gloss with discretion

25. But nothing prevents you from adopting the opposite objective

26. How about combining two pieces with shine?

27. A pair of lurex pants will make you shine at night

28. From the tidy look

29. To the most comfortable look

30. Lurex is versatile and yields incredible productions!

Add this fabric to your wardrobe now and rock it! And if you love shiny pieces, also check out how to use metallic in your looks.

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