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How to prevent criticism from negatively affecting you

Daily we receive a lot of information about us. Sincere opinions, superficial opinions, unnecessary opinions and positive opinions. In the midst of this whirlwind of judgments about us, we often end up absorbing only what is bad about us and leaving the good behind, this is normal.

It is common to not believe the compliments that are given to us and to play the victim, always putting ourselves down and showing what is bad about us. But that’s not healthy for us and for our relationships. So that you don’t let negative comments affect you, check out some tips below.

Relate criticism to your attitude, not you

When people criticize you, usually the criticism refers to the situation or an attitude you took that they didn’t think was right. Unfortunately, people don’t always know how to express this correctly and end up criticizing the person instead of the attitude. So always keep an eye out to see when the criticism is personal and when it’s a criticism of something you’ve done.

Filter the comments you hear

When someone is criticizing you or something you’ve done, filter out comments that are constructive. unsubstantiated criticism or argument should be discarded and never overestimated. Know which criticism can lead you to real improvement and which criticism just wants to let you down. That way, you only listen to what can be useful to you and not what can bring you negative feelings.

Prefer to be angry and not sad about the comments

If someone really tried to destroy you with comments, turn what could be sadness into energy, in a way that that comment will make you want to be even better. You know that person who said you could never get where you want to go, show them that you can and you can! Use that anger energy to build good things for yourself, never to try to destroy others in order to promote yourself.

Value your opinion, don’t overvalue the opinion of others

While other people know you superficially and few of them know you well, you are the person who knows the most about you and your capabilities, so why give more value to what a person said and not value the knowledge and opinion you have of yourself? same? Stop valuing the opinion of an employer who turned you down the job so much and start paying more attention to what you know you can and can do.

Anyway, whenever listen to a review don’t take it personally and carry the comment like it’s a tattoo that will never leave you. Today you didn’t get that job, but tomorrow you can get a better one. Everything changes, people change and you change. But the point is to change for the better, evolve and not let these obstacles in life stop you and don’t let you chase your dreams and conquer them. You can do what you want, believe me.

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