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15 nails with golden nail polish to bet on color without fear

Want to rock nail design? Then bet on the golden enamel. It can have different textures and does not go unnoticed. Check out beautiful nail polish ideas to see how amazing it looks in the hand, plus stores to get yours!

15 pictures of nails with golden nail polish to choose your favorite

If you love to always have beautiful nails, see and fall in love with the following options for enamelling with gold:

1. The golden nail polish is very beautiful

2. This is a very versatile color

3. Which can be used on a daily basis

4. And also in special events

5. She is charming in the details

6. You can innovate with a mirror gold nail polish

7. How about merging different textures?

8. The combination with black is very chic

9. Any stiletto nail looks more powerful with this color

10. You can also apply the gold only on the ends

11. The rhinestones help to elevate the nail design

12. Sparkling gold nail polish is perfect for parties

13. Even the francesinha is more beautiful with the metallic option

14. Have you managed to choose your favorite nails yet?

15. Bet on this color and rock the nail polish of the week!

You can already tell that the golden enamel is very wild, right? What are you waiting for to include it in your nail design bag? Check out, below, online stores to buy it.

Where can you buy gold nail polish

You don’t have to leave the house to have several beautiful nail polishes. Check out where to buy yours:

  1. Americans;
  2. Submarine;
  3. Drug Streak;
  4. Carrefour;
  5. Point.

Now, just play without fear in the gold to create an amazing nail design! And if you like shiny nails, check out dazzling shimmery nail polish options.

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