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How to increase male libido – 7 steps

Lately you don’t feel like having sex? Are you tired, with no desire for sexual appetite? It may be that you have the low libido and you should know that there are some techniques that will help you increase your desire to make love naturally. In this unCOMO article we give you some tips to make you want to have sex again, they are simple tricks that will help you feel full again and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest. Take note and learn how to increase male libido in simple steps.

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Steps to follow:

Why are there times in your life when you have the lower libido? This has an easy explanation: you testosterone level What your body produces is at a low level, therefore, it is necessary to increase this chemical in our body to regain sexual desire. Diet, the state of our nervous system and exercise are important factors that influence our libido, so it is important that you take into account some aspects that will increase it and fully enjoy sex again.


We start by talking about the feeding. There is a saying that says “You are what you eat” and there is nothing truer. Food directly influences our way of being in the world both through the energy it provides us and through the minerals and nutrients that affect basic systems of our human functioning; In the case of libido, you should know that zinc is a basic mineral to increase testosterone and, therefore, to increase the desire to have sex.

So if you want increase male libido One of the basic ingredients that you should include in your diet are foods rich in zinc, such as oysters or dark chocolate. But, in addition to this, it is also important that you limit your consumption of carbohydrates, especially simple ones that are full of sugars; The reason is that the more insulin there is in the blood, the less testosterone the body produces and, therefore, the libido is lower.

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In addition, there are also some aphrodisiac foods that help increase the desire to have sex naturally. These include, of course, oysters but also other ingredients such as strawberry, honey, garlic or anise.


Once we have a diet high in testosterone production, we must complement it with physical exercise practice on a regular basis and relaxation methods to reduce stress. It is known that sport causes more testosterone to be produced in the male body and, therefore, is ideal for wanting to have sex; In addition, exercise also causes us to secrete dopamine, a hormone that gives us pleasure and relaxation.

Relaxation is also essential to have high levels of sexual appetite. When we experience moments of stress and excess nerves, our body is tense and, therefore, our libido will be low. Therefore, in addition to physical exercise, it is also important that you perform methods such as meditation or yoga to get you to relax.


Another factor that can make you have less desire to have sex is bed routine. It is known that when a couple has been together for some time, sex can become boring, uncreative and stagnant, then making love begins to feel less appealing and, therefore, your sexual appetite decreases. This is simply due to boredom, so it is important that you communicate with your partner, try new games and situations and dare to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Why don’t you try having sex in a public place? Or do you use that cream you have in the kitchen? Or why not dare to exchange partners? Be that as it may, if you think that one of your causes may be sexual routine It is essential that you talk to your partner so that you can set a remedy to the problem and enjoy sex together again. At OneHowTo we tell you some of the sexual fantasies as a couple that can best help you in your sexual life.


He alcohol It is also one of the factors that most They decrease your testosterone production Therefore, it is important that you limit the consumption of this drink if you want to enjoy your sexual life again in a pleasurable way. It is true that when you are drunk it can give you the feeling that you have more desire to have sex, this happens especially at the beginning and when you are a young person; However, over time the effects of alcohol remain reflected in your body and, above all, in your sexual libido. So don’t fool yourself: alcohol and sex are enemies.


You can help your body have a higher libido by adding it to your daily life. natural supplements that help you have more sexual appetite. It is known that, for example, the cardamom It is an aphrodisiac ingredient that stimulates the nervous system, which has a high zinc content and, therefore, is known as the “seed of paradise.” In this OneHowTo article we tell you how to use cardamom as an aphrodisiac since there are different ways to do it.

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In addition to this, there are other natural aphrodisiac herbs that manage to increase your libido; For example, ginkgo biloba is also well known for this purpose, as well as ginseng or ginger; At oneHowTo we tell you how to increase sexual desire with medicinal herbs.


It may also be that the lack of sexual appetite is motivated by a lack of self-esteem or security in oneself. When we are going through a time of sadness, stress or in which we do not like each other, it is possible that this is directly affected by our sexual libido and if you are not comfortable with yourself, how are you going to be comfortable with another person? in bed? That is why it is essential that if there is any personal factor that is blocking your desire to have sex, you work on it individually and try to remedy it.

For example, if you have gained a few extra kilos and you are not happy with your body, go on a diet and do sports to increase your self-esteem; If you are stressed and don’t have time for anything, dedicate one day a week just for yourself and practice relaxation to be able to be conscious of yourself and your body again. In order to fully enjoy sex, it is important that you are good with yourself.

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