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18 Moments I Wish My Boyfriend Had With Me


I would love to have all these moments with my boyfriend, because love lives in the details. Well… there are moments that I’ve even had with him, but why not repeat them?

I would love for my bae to have no problem doing these things to me:

1. That he would carry me on his back when I couldn’t reach something on the supermarket shelf

2. That he teach me to play the guitar, guitar or any other instrument

3. That when I got sick, he would be my best company

4. Spend the night playing video games together until I fall asleep (I’m up for a series marathon too)

5. I wanted a birthday surprise like this

6. Something as simple as letting me put my legs on top of him during a long trip

7. I would love to work out with him and be his motivator

8. I wanted him to flat iron my hair

9. That he wouldn’t be ashamed to wear matching clothes with me

10. I want to go to the beach with him

11. Would he be willing to paint my nails?

12. And travel somewhere far away and spend a good time together, just the two of us

13. I wish he would invite me to watch his football matches (or any other sport)

14. I also wanted a wallpaper like this for my cell phone

15. Going for a walk even when it’s raining

16. Forget about the rest of the world and enjoy your arms

17. Riding a horse

18. And end the day with a kiss on the forehead, which is always very welcome


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