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How to clean laptop screen without scratching it

Practical in itself, the notebook brings portability and allows the person to work anywhere: whether on the beach, in the living room or even in a cafeteria. However, at the end of the day, it’s common for the screen to be full of fingerprints and greasy, isn’t it?

But you have to take some care when cleaning, because the screen is very fragile, and can scratch, stain and in extreme cases, completely damage the device. So advertising student Tamires Yamakiho gives some cleaning tips.

Most manufacturers sell the computer with a special cleaning cloth. “These cloths are special for cleaning fragile surfaces. They are soft, soft and slide carefully on the screen, removing dust and dirt”, comments the student.

But if your device doesn’t come with this flannel, you can clean it with a cotton cloth. “The ideal is neutral cloths, without drawings or details that can scratch the screen. Choose cotton flannels that are very soft”, says Tamires.

Never use homemade cleaning products. Forget about alcohol, acetone, detergents and even disinfectants as the chemistry can compromise the LCD. “The person can never apply any cleaning product that is not recommended by the manufacturer”, warns the student.

There are specialized products that are found in electronics stores themselves. “These products clean easily and do not harm your computer’s retina. But you have to use them carefully and not apply too much. The ideal is to follow the guidelines on the back of the package”, recommends Tamires.

Before cleaning, it is necessary to observe if the screen is smudged with your fingers or if it is simply dust. “If it’s just everyday dust, wipe it off gently with a dry cloth, otherwise you run the risk of scratching the screen. If it is finger fat, the product specially made for screens and computers is the best solution”, suggests the student.

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It is also recommended that you turn off the computer to clean. The appliance must not be hot from use and must be away from electrical wires or currents. “He must be completely turned off and cold,” recalls the student.

Also be aware of sharp objects that can compromise your notebook screen. “No cleaning with sponges or other materials that may have some pebbles or solids mixed in. This will definitely scratch your screen”, he warns.

A very common question among readers is whether cleaning can be done with glass cleaning products. The experts answer: never. “You should never use glass cleaners, as the screen is very fragile and can compromise the entire device”, concludes Tamires.

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