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Cloth diaper: find out if it’s worth it for you and your baby

The modern cloth diaper is the rescue of a piece that our parents and grandparents possibly already used in their time. However, today it has several options and even has the possibility of being machine washed.

Its main appeal, in addition to the economy, is sustainability. Considering that a child uses about 3900 diapers in its first two years of life, annually 20 million disposable diapers go to the trash in Brazil, and these take 450 years to decompose. Based on these data, the use of cloth baby diapers is widely discussed. But even if its benefits exist, the disadvantages of using it are also visible, since each family lives different realities and it is necessary to respect their choices. Understand these points below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloth Diapers

When talking about cloth diapers, it is customary to think of all the work it will give dads. But what are its advantages and disadvantages? To help with this discovery, we consulted with Dr. Camille Donnabella (CRM 183871), pediatrician and member of the SBP (Brazilian Society of Pediatrics). Check out what she says about the main advantages of the modern cloth diaper, from a pediatric point of view:

  • Health and comfort: according to Dr. Camille, when the cloth diaper is used correctly, it decreases the chances of diaper rash and dermatitis, due to contact with the fabric instead of plastic.
  • Body awareness: still according to the pediatrician, the moment of potty training can be easier for children who use cloth diapers, as they perceive it faster when they are wet.

Despite the advantages, the professional does not deny a negative point of using cloth diapers for babies. As a disadvantage, she cites:

  • Possibility of fungal and bacterial diseases: cloth diapers are less absorbable than disposable diapers. Therefore, if there is a delay in changing, the diaper becomes wet and it is possible that there is an increase in the incidence of diseases resulting from fungal and bacterial contamination.

From a pediatric point of view, the handicap can be controlled more frequently in diaper changes, for example. The important thing is that you choose the option that best suits you and your baby. To help, we also leave a tip: if you want to make your own cloth diaper at home, just sew a cover and fill it with absorbent diapers, making changes easier.

how to use cloth diaper

In this section, we’ve selected videos from some moms to help you understand how to use cloth diapers. You will also see recommendations on how often to change, how to wash, put the pads in the cloth diaper and even learn some tips for taking care of it.

How to use cloth diapers in everyday life

Here, Dad Ricardo and Mom Bia teach how to put on, take off and wash the modern cloth diaper. Check out how they do it all on a daily basis!

Tips for using cloth diapers: poop, stains and diaper rash

Among tips for cleaning baby cloth diapers, this mom teaches what types of poop are and how to wash them, as well as talking about how to remove yellow stains and prevent baby diaper rash.

Process that becomes habit: ecological diapers without drama

In this video, Giovanna teaches a step by step for the use of ecological diapers. For her, wearing and washing is a process that, after 21 days, becomes a habit. See how she goes out with the cloth diaper, the frequency of washing and how to put the tampon in the diaper.

How to adjust modern cloth diapers

One of the main difficulties of modern cloth diapers is their adjustment to prevent leakage. Learn in this video about the adjustments and adjustments, positioning and closing of the part.

Now that you know how to use and wash modern cloth diapers, adapting to them can be made easier. But what do other moms say? See the following topic:

The opinion of youtuber moms

Each family has its own routines and characteristics and therefore different experiences with the modern cloth diaper on their children. Next, you can check the opinions and reports of moms (and dads too!) about the use of cloth diapers:

Cloth diapers: thoughts of Bela, by Bela Gil

In this video, Bela Gil does not hide her love for cloth diapers and for what she sees as their main advantage: sustainability. Check out the report and understand why she chose this piece!

Eco diaper: is it worth it? My opinion, by Elisa Hoffmann

Elisa recommends cloth diapers for parents who are organized and have time. For her, adapting to a newborn is already a challenge, so imagine adapting to a cloth diaper. Anyway, I wanted to test them mainly to reduce diaper rash in your baby. Watch and see how the test went!

Testing washable ecological diapers, by Juliana Goes

As for Juliana, the opinion is neutral. In the video, she tells her experience lightly, clears up doubts and breaks myths. She watches and checks out how the blogger uses and washes cloth diapers for babies, as well as her opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of the piece.

Reality of cloth diapers, by Rosana Radke

Finally, mom Rosana tells in a super sincere video her experience with cloth diapers. For her, it’s more work, but it’s worth it for the economy. Her husband, on the other hand, does not find it so practical and is not adept. Watch and check out the opinions of dads and see how they solve the dilemma!

Cloth diapers: the truth about them, by Tiago and Gabi

In the video, dads Tiago and Gabi talk about their experience with the modern cloth diaper and answer the main doubts of their followers. At first, Gabi didn’t like it. Did she change her mind in the end?

As you have seen, the modern cloth diaper still generates a lot of discussions. So you can put the pros and cons on the scale and see what works best for you and your baby.

Where to buy cloth diapers

Modern cloth diapers appear in different types and with several options of prints to make your baby even more cuddly and comfortable. Compare some brands of cloth diapers below:

  1. Kit 3 cloth diapers, at Elo 7
  2. Girafa ecological nappy night, at Nós e o Davi
  3. Ecological diaper pequenitas cover, at Baby Ecological
  4. Laziness Mixed Package, at Dipano
  5. Fox and the Cactus Daytime Cloth Diaper in Lolipano

With so many possibilities, it’s easier to find the ideal piece for you and your baby, isn’t it?

Now that you are armed with information about cloth diapers, how about sharing the content and bringing more information to your friends and family? It is worth remembering that regardless of whether the cloth diaper is used or not, the important thing is for the family and the baby to feel good.

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