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Horoscope for March 2023 |

We have reached one of the most important months in Astrology: March marks the beginning of the Astrological New Year, which in 2023 arrives full of important transits. The period will bring the end of a long cycle of more than two years of Saturn in Aquarius, which now enters Pisces and brings relevant reflections to all signs – as you can see below in the Horoscope for March 2023.

We still have the movements of Mars (which leaves Gemini and enters Cancer) and Venus (which leaves Aries and enters Taurus), which also deserve attention. Depending on your sign, it can be a good opportunity to start relationships and promote personal transformations.

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Below, check out the predictions for your sign in the March Horoscope 2023. Remember that your Ascendant deserves as much or even more attention than your Sun sign. Not sure what your Ascendant is? Make your Astral Map hereit’s easy and free!


During the first 12 days of the month, the planet Venus will form a conjunction with Jupiter, which suggests social stimuli and favors the implementation of projects, plans and adventures. Such a conjunction will also make Aries people more confident, projecting firm energy without losing sympathy.

However, one must beware of a willingness to spend more money than one should, or to overeat. That’s because the alignment of Venus and Jupiter creates a strong desire for self-fulfillment, so it’s important to keep that in mind and set boundaries for yourself.

The planet Mars (which rules Aries) favors victory in debates and discussions for people of this sign throughout March. The persuasive force is increased, which increases the risk of fights.

As March is a month in which many Aries people complete their birthdays, it is worth checking the Solar Return (just click here), a personalized map valid for one year, which shows the trends for the next 12 months.

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Days 9 and 10: the opposition of Venus and Jupiter to the Moon can take the form of social conflicts. Even if you don’t intend to, other people may get the feeling that you’re invading their space.


The planet Venus, which rules Taurus, will enter this sign on March 17th and remain there until April 11th. Throughout this period, Taurus people will notice a general improvement in self-esteem. Thus, it is a good time for changes in appearance, clothing and general aesthetics.

There will also be a positive impact on society, due to an radiance of kindness and a loving disposition of personality. It is easier to establish a sense of value of things, separating what really matters from what is disposable.

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Until March 25th, it is advisable to be careful with fights generated by financial issues. It is not interesting, until that date, to lend or ask for a loan. You may need to get into some confrontations over money, but avoid touching on these issues especially on the 14th and 15th.

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Days 24 and 25: the Moon joins Venus, stimulating sympathy, charisma and the power of seduction. Especially favorable period for love relationships.

From the 27th to the 31st of March: the alignment of Venus with Uranus brings an exotic streak to the personality. There will be a desire to break the routine and be daring, which can scare off people who are sure they know you very well.


On the 25th, Mars finally leaves the Sign of Gemini, ending a cycle that has lasted since the second half of last year. If, on the one hand, this cycle intensified self-determination and the spirit of conquest, on the other hand, it also increased aggressiveness, anxiety and nervousness.

Gemini people are, since last year, with a marked predisposition to be more aggressive than would be normal for them. From the 26th, all this tends to be smoothed out.

During the Mars action period, it is essential to think and breathe a lot before reacting and taking actions or decisions. An increase in willingness to express opinions in a heated, lively and combative way is noticeable.

The problem is getting carried away by impulsiveness, talking without thinking and creating unnecessary problems in relationships. On the other hand, the performance of the red planet until the 25th considerably stimulates physical and sporting activities.

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From the 8th to the 21st of March: Be careful not to let yourself be misled in discussions and decision-making, as the square between Mars and Neptune can represent a tendency to fight with conviction over something that is not quite right.


March 2023 marks a special moment for Cancer people, more specifically on the 25th, when the planet Mars enters this sign. The cycle of Mars in Cancer should extend until May 20th and occurs every two years on average.

The action of the red planet intensifies emotions and passions, and there is a tendency to exaggerated emotional reactions.

On the other hand, the transit of Mars in Cancer is a great opportunity to increase the intensity of physical activity, get out of sedentary lifestyle, impose new challenges for yourself. The chances of overcoming difficult obstacles are higher now, due to the amplification of your willpower

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The planet Mercury squares Cancer from March 19th, which should lead people of this sign to feel the need to be more assertive and aggressive.

It can be a little uncomfortable, but this placement also helps Cancers to be open to new points of view, and to understand that sometimes you need to communicate more emphatically.

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19th day: beginning of the square of Mercury in Cancer, a period that should generate some discomfort due to the need to communicate in a more assertive and aggressive way.

From the 25th: entry of Mars into Cancer, a cycle that intensifies emotions and passions.


In March comes to an end a long cycle of two years in which the planet Saturn was opposed to the sign of Leo. Such formatting represented a period of maturation, in a process of critical evaluation of one’s own life, which generated some inevitable suffering. On March 7th, this opposition ends, bringing relief to people of this sign.

From the 17th, the planet Venus starts to affect the career of Leo people, which represents a good time to use diplomacy to obtain results. From the 27th, Venus aligns with Uranus, which suggests the opportunity to exercise high creativity at work and thus gain prominence.

While everyone else will be doing more of the same, you will have the opportunity to shine by acting “different”. Some people may even find it strange at first, but it will be a matter of time before they realize the brilliance of some of your ideas. Just don’t get too excited, because it’s important to respect some boundaries. Take the time to make your Professional Map.

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Until the 25th: the action of Mars affects the friendships of Leo people, which indicates the possibility of quarrels with people closest to them.


The month of March 2023 will be a key moment for people with the Virgo sign, with great opportunities for growth. From the 8th, the planet Saturn will form opposition to Virgo, a cycle that should extend for more than two years. This opposition only occurs every 29 years on average and is one of the most important planetary cycles anyone can experience.

With this Saturn cycle comes an overload of responsibilities and a heightened sense of commitment. Over the next couple of years, Virgos will need to evaluate their lives and develop better habits that will help them achieve long-term goals. By the way, it is important to point out that, with the opposition of Saturn, very immediate goals are not favored.

In many Virgos, opposition from Saturn will bring challenges in health, finances, and relationships. These challenges will come in proportion to the errors that need to be corrected. The cycle has precisely the characteristic of “sticking the finger in the wound”, sharpening our perception of what demands our attention.

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Until the 25th: Mars will square Virgo until that date, which suggests a tendency to irritability, which can harm your relationships, especially professional ones.


The first sixteen days of March 2023 are marked by the alignment of the planets Venus and Jupiter in opposition to the Sign of Libra. In general, it is an interesting opportunity to improve the most intimate relationships, both romantic and professional.

For Libra people who are single, it’s a great time to meet new people, flirt, interact. However, one should not create high expectations of continuity. The cycle of Venus aligned with Jupiter favors casual flirting more than long-term relationships.

For the entire month of March, you will need to watch out for conflicts with authority figures. In many circumstances, it will be more convenient to retreat and wait for the right moment to confront them. Resisting the temptation to get into lengthy arguments will be difficult, as Mars is urging Libras to be more vehement and assertive than they normally are.

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Until the 16th: the alignment of Venus and Jupiter in opposition to Libra is a good opportunity to enhance more intimate relationships. There should also be financial issues that need to be resolved.


From the 17th, an important cycle begins for people with the Scorpio sign, especially for adjustments in their affective life. The transit of the planet Venus in opposition to the Sun sign will provide many opportunities to mend rough spots, both in love and professional relationships.

For Scorpios who are single, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, even for brief flirtations and speed dating. Sexual energy, after all, is favoured. The problem only occurs if you are in a serious relationship and you get carried away by an impulsive rush for news.

March also marks the beginning of another planetary cycle, with the planet Saturn forming a trine to the Scorpio Sun from the 7th. and the possibility of materializing projects that were only in the field of ideas.

Throughout 2023, this cycle will especially favor Scorpio people who are born before October 31 of any year.

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On the 25th, a Mars opposition cycle that has been abnormally prolonged since the second half of 2022 finally comes to an end.

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