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Ground beef lasagna: 17 mouthwatering recipes

A dish of Italian origin, lasagna is a great option for a complete meal, ideal to be enjoyed at a family lunch or when hunger strikes out of time. With the possibility of being prepared in advance, just defrost and bake it to enjoy an option rich in flavors.

Usually consisting of layers of pasta interspersed with sauce, cheese and a protein, one of its most traditional versions is ground beef lasagna, which is simple and practical to prepare. Check out a selection of delicious ground beef lasagna recipes below and get inspired to prepare this darling dish:

traditional recipes

1. Frying pan ground beef lasagna: ideal option for those looking for practicality, this recipe is prepared in a single pan. The secret to a lighter flavor is to add a little mint to the mix, as the sauce, pasta and cheese guarantee a fuller result.

2. Microwave minced meat lasagna: another alternative that seeks to speed up the preparation of this tasty dish. The preparation starts with the bolognese sauce. Then comes the assembly, using pre-cooked dough. Everything is ready in less than 30 minutes.

3. Lasagna Bolognese: to speed up the preparation of lasagna, the ideal is to choose a pasta that is ready to go straight to the oven, without the need to be pre-cooked. To ensure more flavor to the dish, in addition to the ground beef, the recipe also includes mozzarella cheese, ham and parmesan.

4. Ground Beef and Bacon Lasagna: Bacon is the ideal ingredient for those who like more pronounced flavors in a recipe. Combined with ground beef then, it results in a perfect duo! Here, in addition to tomato extract, peeled tomato is still used, providing a more acidic and flavor-rich sauce.

5. Ground beef lasagna with white sauce: how about getting away from the traditional and replacing the red sauce with its white version? This is prepared with ingredients such as margarine, milk, cream cheese to taste, chicken broth and wheat flour, an essential element to add creaminess to the sauce.

6. Lasagna with ground beef with cream: here, the trick for a different sauce is to mix the tomato sauce with the cream, giving a differentiated result, with the mildest flavor. It is worth adding peas and corn to the mixture, providing richer flavor and texture.

7. Lasagna with ground beef with olives: using a bolognese sauce, the pronounced flavor of this recipe comes from the use of olives added to the mixture. To ensure richness in flavors, use ingredients such as chopped celery, carrots, mozzarella, ham and even milk to finish.

8. Lasagna with ground beef with ham and cheese: once again the mixture of tomato sauce and sour cream comes into play. The seasoning is on account of the garlic cloves, onion, salt to taste and to finish, a packet of grated cheese.

special recipes

9. Zucchini lasagna with ground beef: lighter option, it does not need to use the traditional pasta made with wheat flour and eggs. Here, zucchini is used. Stuffed only with mozzarella cheese, ready-made tomato sauce, ground beef and seasonings, it is ideal for those looking for a practical, low-calorie recipe.

10. Low carb ground beef lasagna: a dish also known as moussaka, mixing the traditional Italian dish with the Greek influence. Again the wheat pasta is replaced, this time with eggplants, turning the dish into a low carb lasagna.

11. Gluten-free and lactose-free ground beef lasagna: celiac or lactose intolerant people can rest assured: there are versions of lasagna noodles specially made for them. Here, in addition to the bolognese sauce, the lasagna still gets a white sauce made with lactose-free milk and spinach.

12. Ground Beef and Sausage Lasagna: Hot dog fans will love this version of lasagna! Instead of traditional dough, use loaf of bread. For the layers, just alternate pre-cooked sausage, ground beef sauce, white sauce, cheese, and mashed potatoes.

13. Ground Beef Lasagna with Wine: Dry red wine is the secret ingredient to add more flavor to the sauce. As this is boiled, it ends up evaporating the alcohol and leaving a different flavor to the dish. In addition to it, use ground beef, celery, peeled tomatoes and grated carrots.

14. Ground beef lasagna with pastry dough: another smart way to speed up lasagna preparation. In this recipe, the pre-cooked dough is replaced by the pastry dough bought in a roll, ensuring faster cooking. The sauce still receives chopped tomatoes, ham and mozzarella.

15. Lasagna bolognese with white sauce: mixing both types of sauce, this recipe uses both the bolognese version and the white version, also known as béchamel sauce. For a more pronounced cheese flavor, buffalo mozzarella and fresh parmesan cheese make the difference.

16. Lasagna bolognese with white sauce and ham: another combination that fits like a glove, white sauce and ham is a well-known duo. To give it a different touch, it’s worth grating a little nutmeg to finish the béchamel sauce.

17. Ground beef lasagna with two sauces: another recipe that excels in mixing the two most popular sauces, bolognese sauce and white sauce, the latter made with just five ingredients: whole milk, wheat flour, butter, salt and nutmeg.

Check out all the versatility and flavor of chicken lasagna, choose your favorite sauce and cheese and add your favorite ingredients. Enjoy a complete meal capable of bringing together friends and family.

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