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34 complete and tasty baby food recipes

The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend exclusive breastfeeding for up to six months. After this age, it is necessary to introduce other complementary foods to meet the nutritional needs of the baby.

Andréia Betti da Silva, nutritionist at Clínica Dr. Family, comments that until the sixth month of life, the child’s digestive system is not ready to properly digest food, or its immune system capable of fighting possible infections resulting from them.

Andrea Alencar de Oliveira, pediatrician and pediatric oncologist at Clínica Dr. The family explains that if the child is using fresh cow’s milk (pack milk or powdered milk), the main porridge can be advanced to four or five months, at the doctor’s discretion.

“Before the main porridge, you should start the fruit porridge in the morning or afternoon, without replacing a feeding. Mixed or grated fruit porridge or natural fruit juice should be introduced – start with 80 mL, with a maximum volume of 120 mL/day. We prefer the use of fresh fruit, in the form of fruit snacks, rather than juices, due to the higher risk of obesity, due to the higher glycemic index (and tendency to sweeten the juice), in addition to the loss of fiber in the juice” , highlights the pediatrician.

Preparing baby food

Andrea explains that the main (salty) porridge should contain:

“A representative from each group must be placed; use a teaspoon/dessert of soybean oil or olive oil or canola (raw) and seasonings such as garlic and onion, parsley, chives, bay leaf, coriander etc. Do not use industrialized seasonings! After choosing an ingredient from each group, it is necessary to peel and chop it into small pieces. And cook the food, starting with the ones with the longest cooking time and, finally, the ones that cook the fastest. Add the oil at the end, mash it with a fork and offer the warm baby food”, explains the pediatrician.

Nutritionist Andréia points out that:

1. To start, the foods chosen must look good and have a reliable source. Then, they must be washed properly, with manual hygiene (with the appropriate brush) and chemically, with chlorine / bleach (for foods consumed raw).

2. For fruit porridge: chop the chosen food(s), mash them or scrape them well with a fork, and serve. Do not liquefy. Care must be taken with seeds and peels in the preparation of the porridge, in addition to avoiding the addition of sugar or cereals.

3. To prepare the cooked porridge: chop the chosen food(s) and place it in a pan with water. Let it cook on low heat until they are soft. Remove from the pan and mash them well with a fork, and serve. When using more fibrous foods, such as vegetables and meats, you can use the sieve to facilitate the baby’s chewing/swallowing in the initial phase.

4. Do not use a blender or food processor. Avoid using salt to season the baby food (especially in the first 2-3 months), prefer fresh herbs – let the baby learn the true taste of food.

34 baby food recipes to make at home


1. Carrot porridge: a simple and nutritious recipe for babies who are already teething. It’s also a tasty alternative to picking up with your little fingers (in the case of slightly larger babies). Remembering that carrot is a great food and has many essential vitamins for the health of little ones.

2. Pea baby food: a special recipe for babies who are being introduced to the universe of solid foods and who are looking for novelties in textures and flavors. Pea cream has a less liquid consistency and still has some soft pea bits.

3. Purezinho de yam: a simple and tasty recipe, to make all the time. It takes peeled and diced yams, garlic, homemade beef broth and onions.

4. Pumpkin baby food: a very smooth pumpkin cream, ideal for baby’s first baby food, as the texture is very liquid and the flavor is usually pleasing to little ones!

5. Polenta porridge with meat and spinach: a delicious and nutritious meal for your baby. Polentinha with millet, meat and spinach. Fresh spices and homemade food for him to grow strong and nourished.

6. Potato, cabbage and beef broth porridge: to make homemade beef broth you will use muscle. Then the other ingredients are just the potato, organic cabbage, onion and garlic.

7. Rice, beans and cabbage porridge: delicious and super nutritious. In this recipe, there is no meat, only carioca beans, water, cabbage, cooked rice, extra virgin olive oil and salt. But it’s up to you to add some soft meat/chicken.

8. Beetroot and white bean porridge: with this porridge, the baby’s meal is well balanced, as it has an energy food (white bean), a regulator (beet) and protein (from the broth). Remembering that the beef broth is homemade; you can make and freeze.

9. Baby food for sleeping: especially for babies who have trouble sleeping and/or restless sleep. This baby food contains ingredients rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that, upon reaching the brain, is transformed into serotonin, increasing well-being and ensuring a longer-lasting and restful sleep.

10. Gossip, banana and Persian lime porridge: a different and delicious porridge that, in addition to these main ingredients, contains red guava. The tip is not to beat the persia lime in the blender so it doesn’t become bitter.

11. Spinach and potato porridge: as it has an energy food (potato), a regulator (spinach) and protein (from beef broth), the porridge is well balanced and tasty for the baby.

12. Tomato and zucchini baby food: special for babies who are growing and discovering new flavors. In addition to the main ingredients, you will use carrots, celery, olive oil, homemade vegetable broth and homemade yogurt.

13. Lentil and pumpkin porridge: an option full of flavor and health to offer for babies from the sixth month onwards. It is worth remembering that lentils are rich in iron and calcium, which are essential to avoid anemia and for the little one to have healthy growth.

14. Yam, sweet potato and banana porridge: a different and very tasty combination. Remembering that yam is excellent for health, reduces the acidity of citrus juices, in addition to leaving a special taste in creams and other recipes.

15. Pumpkin, carrot and oat porridge: recipe that brings together an energy food (oatmeal), two regulators (squash and carrots) and protein (from meat broth). Yield is six servings that you can freeze.

16. Porridge with meat, lentils and manioc: it has a very tasty and slightly sweet flavor due to the manioc and carrots, being able to delight even adults!

17. Potato, cabbage and carrot porridge: a healthy and delicious combination. Yield is two servings. The ingredients used are onions, olive oil, ground beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

18. Bean, zucchini and pasta porridge: the preparation time is less than two hours. It is a balanced meal, as it has an energy food (noodles), a regulator (zucchini), a builder (beans) and protein (broth).

19. Porridge with meat, green beans, lettuce and potato: for a balanced and delicious meal. You will need chopped potato, rice, ground beef, green beans, lettuce, onion, garlic, cilantro and olive oil.

20. Beef, sweet potato and zucchini porridge: a delicious combination of flavors and nutrients. Sweet potato usually pleases the taste of little ones! The tip is to sauté everything with olive oil, garlic and onion.

21. Chicken, manioc and watercress porridge: easy, healthy and very tasty recipe, which can even delight adults! In addition to the main ingredients, you will only use red onion, coconut or sunflower oil.

22. Chicken, potato, carrot and spinach porridge: made with chicken breast fillet, potato, carrot, onion for seasoning and some spinach leaves. It has a very beautiful color and a great flavor, that is, everything to please the little ones.

23. Apple porridge: delicious and there’s no secret. The one used in this recipe was the Argentinian apple, which is bigger and offers no difficulty when scraping. But, if you prefer or have it at home, you can use another type of apple!

24. Chicken, corn, carrot and manioc porridge: in addition to the main ingredients, you will use parsley, red onion, a pinch of salt and coconut oil (or sunflower or canola). This recipe makes up to three servings.

25. Papaya Papinha: practical and delicious recipe, which naturally has a sweet flavor from the fruit. You will only use papaya, an apple and a pear if you wish.

26. Canjinha in the rice cooker: practical recipe, ready in 20 minutes. The ingredients are onion, chicken, potato, carrot, cauliflower, rice, water and salt.

27. Chicken and carrot polentinha: you will only need the chicken, carrots, tomato, cornmeal, red onion, garlic, a pinch of salt and coconut or sunflower oil. Your little one is sure to love it!


28. Papaya and berries baby food: can be offered, in general, to babies from six months of age who have already started complementary feeding and to slightly older children who are selective in eating fruit. You will use papaya and berries, which can be blueberries, cranberries or any other fruit.

29. Peach porridge: a healthy and attractive recipe for the little ones. You will only use four ripe peaches and mint leaves. The preparation time is 15 minutes, it’s worth doing!

30. Plum porridge: industrialized plum porridge is usually successful because of its flavor, but it is not the most suitable option for children. Here, you learn how to make a homemade plum porridge that is tastier and, of course, healthier than the ready-made version.

31. Avocado Porridge: Avocados are extremely rich in folic acid and potassium. They can be served with other fruits and leave the baby food super creamy! In this recipe, however, only avocado was used.

32. Persimmon, papaya and orange porridge: a reinforced porridge, ideal to “kill hunger” in a very healthy way. The ingredients used are chocolate persimmon, papaya formosa, pear and orange pear.

33. Apple, papaya and pear porridge: the mixture of these fruits guarantees a delicious taste. The yield is four servings that can be stored in individual pots in the fridge or freezer.

34. Mango, Carrot and Apple Porridge: a functional, super-easy, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free sweet food, as it should be! Good tip even for adults. You will only use carrots, mangoes and Fuji apples.

Get inspired by the recipes and create delicious food for your baby, always remembering to follow the instructions given by his pediatrician!

Tips for storing baby food

Nutritionist Andréia explains that baby food should always be stored under refrigeration (both in the fridge and in the freezer), to prevent them from spoiling and offering any risk to the baby’s health. “In relation to the pot, prefer the glass ones to the plastic ones – they better withstand temperature variations (refrigeration and heating), they are…

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