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Floral print: how to create amazing looks inspired by flowers

The floral print brings a youthful and romantic air to any look and always pleases women of all ages. Increasingly present in women’s clothing, this print allows for a wide variety of options and combinations. Therefore, when it reappears, revamped, it becomes a highlight in fashion.

Floral prints can be used any season of the year. They are found in various pieces, as well as in accessories, such as scarves, shoes and bags. It remains for you to choose your style, as there are many variations and there is no shortage of suggestions.

But how to combine the floral print? Are there usage rules? Can we combine it with other prints? Read on and you will fall in love, even more, with this romantic and cheerful style of dress, which allows you to dare and rock! Check out!

Clothing with a floral print is not limited to certain seasons. It is a democratic option and works well in any climate. In summer they make the look more colorful and with the face of the season, in winter they contrast with the more closed colors leaving the look more alive and cheerful. Check out the outfit suggestions below!

dresses with floral print

The floral dress is already traditionally associated with romanticism, even revamped, with strong colors and large flowers. When used in dresses, this feature takes on an even greater dimension, as it is a piece with a totally feminine essence. They can be used with short or long lengths, it will depend on your style and taste.

But calm down, those who have a more laid-back style can keep it, depending on the combinations and accessories they choose. After all, this trend always reappears with new patterns to innovate and follow trends.

Blouses with floral print

The floral print goes well with any style of clothing, but in casual combinations they are perfect. They are more used in the warmer seasons of the year and give a jovial and romantic look to the look, combining very well with pants, skirts and shorts.

Shirts with floral print

Shirts with a floral print look very chic and stylish, especially if the pattern is made up of large flowers. The look gains an emphasis and can be combined with both skirts, pants and shorts, that is, allowing various combinations.

Pants with floral print

Pantaloons and flares look perfect with a floral print. The look gains style and calls for a high heel to enhance the look. But stay connected to the weight of the fabric, especially if it’s pantaloons, so that it doesn’t drape and compromise the silhouette. Tighter pants, skinny type, can also gain the color of the floral print and are very stylish.

party dress

Party dresses with floral prints are always present in the collections of the best designers. Just look at the “red carpets”. They have the most different patterns, which give lightness and elegance to the look. They can be found with more delicate prints, as well as with the most showy and exuberant ones.

Types of floral print

The floral print can have a lot of design diversity. Varying according to taste, style and, often, even as a result of the season. Some patterns gain a more cheerful air, with more colorful prints in warmer and more sober seasons and usually with a dark background, in the coldest. Here are some variations of designs in floral prints!

  • Classic floral: It is the most known and traditional type. They present themselves with flowers of small and medium size in the most varied types of flowers.
  • Liberty: This print features small flowers and the name refers to the English store Liberty of London, which opened in 1861, being the first to adopt this type of pattern. Today the term refers to all types of florals that have small flowers.
  • Abstract floral: The flowers are drawn in an abstract way, with many free strokes and smudges that refer us, as a whole, to flowers.
  • Graphic floral: Pattern made in the graphic style, with strong lines and solid colors.
  • Floral combined with another print: The pattern is composed of images interspersed with flowers and various prints.
  • Floral with dark background: Floral with dark background is widely used in printing. Used in several wildcard pieces, such as blazers, jackets, miniskirts, among others. Despite having a dark tone background, it continues with the romantic characteristic, however, with more sobriety.

Tips for using the print without error

Fashion is very democratic, it caters to all tastes and styles, and floral prints are no different. As we have already seen here in the article, it has several types and each one can apply to a certain style of dressing.

In order to clear up any doubts you may have about floral prints, we consulted fashion and style specialist Daia Patrício, who gave us several tips on how not to make a mistake when choosing flowers. Check out!

  • When combining the look, always play the print for the less voluminous body part. Choose a piece in a neutral color to disguise the volume and harmonize the silhouette, whether it’s the breasts or the hips.
  • ”The skinny ones or “mignons” type can abuse the prints in general, but avoid using maxi prints in wide pieces, as they will make it look like the piece is very disproportionate to its size.
  • The prints attract a lot of attention, so knowing how to take advantage of this feature is the key to success. The rule is simple: If you want to show off your hips, thighs and butt, wear pieces with flashy prints at the bottom of the look, unless you want to hide them.”
  • Regarding the effect that the print on a white background and on a black background have on the look, the specialist explained. The light background prints give the effect of amplitude, that is, they fatten.
  • On the other hand, prints with a dark background thin (slimming), giving the effect of moving away from the area of ​​the body where they are highlighted, so they are great for “decreasing” some regions of the body.
  • As for using with other pieces, if the print attracts a lot of attention, choose to use it with another neutral piece. Now, if you want a very colorful piece, use the color that is in the background or is predominant in the pattern of the print.
  • You can, yes, combine floral with floral, in fact the floral mix is ​​a mix that works. Brings boldness and personality to the look.
  • You can also play with prints of different sizes, such as a skirt with small florals and a blouse with a more spaced floral pattern.
  • A great tip is to use a color that is connecting two prints and mix that same color between them. Another tip, if you don’t want to go wrong, always bring B&W to the prints, as these colors are classic and never go out of style.

Get inspired by the looks of bloggers

As you could see in the article, the floral print is super versatile and why not say timeless! Yes, she is always present and is always welcome in our wardrobe. It allows us to make a huge range of combinations, in addition to guaranteeing a more cheerful and colorful style to the look. So how about investing more in this print? You will love the many possibilities to create!

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