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How to remove stains from white clothes: 8 homemade and simple methods

If you want to learn how to remove stains from white clothes, check out the tutorials below and choose your preferred method! In addition to saving, you recover your clear pieces, eliminating even the most difficult dirt. Check out:

How to remove stains from white clothes with baking soda and vinegar

  1. Put 1 tablespoon of vinegar on the stain;
  2. Then, place the bicarbonate over the vinegar and spread;
  3. Let it act for up to 10 minutes;
  4. Wash normally with soap powder;
  5. If that doesn’t work, repeat the process or try another recipe.

In the video, the step by step is explained visually and the youtuber presents other tutorials, in case your stain is very strong. Check out!

How to remove yellow stain from white clothes

  1. Put 3 tablespoons of powdered soap in 3 liters of water;
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 300ml of alcohol;
  3. Stir well to dissolve the ingredients and place the clothes in the mixture;
  4. Leave 6 to 12 hours to soak;
  5. Machine wash normally and dry.

How about watching a detailed step by step and still learn how to remove mold from your bath towels? Play and check it out!

How to remove red stain from white clothes

  1. Boil water in a pan and put it in the tank;
  2. Put soap powder;
  3. Spread the clothes in the water and stir with a support, as the water will be hot;
  4. Let it act for 15 to 30 minutes;
  5. Scrub the clothes and put them to dry.

For those who like quick and practical tutorials, the video below is accurate and explains the step by step mentioned above. Look:

How to remove stains from white clothes with vinegar

  1. Put the clothes in the machine;
  2. Add 1 cup of alcohol vinegar to the water;
  3. Wash normally.

In the following video, Neusa talks about the effect of alcohol vinegar to remove the yellowness of white clothes, in addition to making them softer. She also gives other cleaning tips with the product. Watch!

How to remove stains from white clothes with Vanish

  1. Moisten the clothes;
  2. Apply Vanish bar to your clothes;
  3. Soak for 3 hours;
  4. Rub the clothes gently;
  5. Machine wash as normal and place to dry.

If you have questions about Vanish’s functionality, this video may help. The result is incredible!

How to remove stains from white clothes with hydrogen peroxide

  1. Place 250ml of detergent in a bowl;
  2. Add a bottle of hydrogen peroxide volume 30 and stir well;
  3. In a basin, pour 2 liters of boiling water;
  4. Mix 150ml of the hydrogen peroxide and detergent mixture in the hot water;
  5. Put the laundry and mix it in the basin;
  6. As soon as the water starts to change color, remove and repeat the process.

The mixture explained above works for both white and colored clothes and removes all deodorant stains. Watch below:

How to remove stains from white clothes with bleach

  1. Add 1 liter of bleach and 1 cup of sugar in a bowl;
  2. Place the garment in this mixture and let it act until the stain comes out;
  3. The longer the stain is on the garment, the longer it will have to soak;
  4. Wash normally.

Learn how to remove mold and mildew stains with a magical mixture of bleach and sugar! The recipe works for both white and colored clothes, but the colored ones need a test first, as some dyes don’t hold and fade. Check out!

How to remove ink stains from white clothes

  1. In a tank, place the piece and spread Singer oil on the stain;
  2. Rub lightly and add more oil;
  3. Let sit for a few minutes;
  4. Wet and rub the piece;
  5. Wash normally.

Below, you can watch first-hand all of Cíntia’s tips for getting ink stains out of your white or colored clothes. The recipe is super easy and practical, with just one ingredient. Look that:

Liked? Now, it’s just a matter of separating the necessary materials and recovering your favorite white pieces in a homemade, quick and economical way. See also our tips on how to remove stains from children’s clothes.

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