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Find out what it is and how to enjoy the benefits of carrot honey

When looking for natural skin and hair care products, you can count on carrot honey and enjoy all its benefits. To better explain what it is and how to use it, we talked to dermatologist Rafael Soares (CRM 128.012/RQE 88.900). Check out what he recommended:

What is carrot honey and what is it used for?

It’s nothing more than a carrot compote. Made from the mixture of pieces of the vegetable with sugar that are closed in a pot for a certain period until obtaining a paste with a consistency similar to that of honey. It serves to take advantage of the antioxidant vitamins and minerals of the carrot to take care of the skin and hair.

5 ways to use carrot honey

Dr Rafael explained five uses for carrot honey. Check out:

1. Hair moisturizer

Rafael Soares: “because of the humectant property of sugar and some substances released by carrots, it maintains the ability of water to enter the hair and provides deep hydration.”

2. Natural product against hair loss

Rafael Soares: “due to the anti-inflammatory properties, from vitamin E and other carrot minerals, which are present in honey, it can be used as a natural product to prevent hair loss.”

3. Treat inflammatory skin diseases

Rafael Soares: “Also due to the vitamin E and minerals present, carrot honey can help in the treatment of acne and other skin inflammations.”

4. Prevention of facial skin aging

Rafael Soares: “due to the antioxidant action of beta-carotene and vitamin C in carrots, honey can be used as a natural product to prevent facial skin aging.”

5. Light exfoliator for the skin and scalp

Rafael Soares: “due to the presence of sugar, applying honey with light pressure on the skin will have an exfoliating action, which can also be done on the scalp.”

Rafael recommends letting the carrot honey act for a maximum of 20 minutes on the skin or scalp and spacing out the applications. For example, in the first month, do it once a week, then increase the interval to biweekly or monthly.

How to make carrot honey

How about learning in a practical way how to make carrot honey at home? So, come see the selected videos.

Carrot Honey for Super Moisturizing Hair

In addition to teaching how to make carrot honey using only a carrot and sugar, this video explains that it is necessary to leave it in a glass, in the fridge, for at least 24 hours. Afterwards, it also shows how to apply it on the wires, mixed with the moisturizing cream.

Carrot honey with beetroot to strengthen the wires

Without much secret in the preparation, just mix the beet, carrot and sugar. Once it’s ready, he recommends mixing the honey with other products, such as olive oil, Bephantol and your favorite moisturizing cream. It also shows you how to apply it to your hair.

Perfect skin with carrot honey

This video teaches in detail how to make carrot honey and talks about its applications on the skin. Recommends circular movements while passing the honey and having a clean face, to enjoy and exfoliate.

Choose the video that you find most practical and make the carrot honey. You will really like the result on your skin and hair.

Cautions and Contraindications

According to the dermatologist, carrot honey cannot be used frequently, at most once a week, and should not be left on the skin or hair for too long. Because “despite having many benefits, sugar itself is very harmful to the skin and hair, so it needs to act briefly, leading to hydration, but it should not penetrate the scalp or face.” For occasional use, leaving the honey to act for about 15 to 20 minutes, there are no contraindications.

Did you like to know carrot honey? Now you have another ally in skin and hair care, but remember to follow Dr. Rafael’s recommendations on the time and interval of applications. Then, also check out the article on coffee exfoliation.

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