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O reiki is a Japanese energy channeling technique, passed through the touch of the hands for the harmonization of the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Reiki balances and energizes, leading to greater harmony.

It is a gentle and natural technique that helps us to find a better way to deal with our emotions, our thoughts and life situations.

To learn this technique, courses are given that are divided into three levels, plus the master’s degree. But it is worth remembering that the person who starts doing Reiki 1 will not necessarily have to go to the master’s degree.

After all, the idea is for each one to obey their own time and seek what is most important to them, whether or not they follow the levels to the end. From Reiki 1 onwards, the person is already considered a Reiki practitioner and will benefit from the technique.

Courses are always taught by a master reikiand the duration may vary according to the way each professional teaches the courses.

Always seek information about the professional and the course, preferably with someone who has already participated in one. Of course, those people who do not wish to specialize in the technique will be able to benefit only from the reiki care.

Within the contents of the levels, we have the theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, the foundations of the reikithe concept, the history, the benefits of the technique and how it works, the five principles, the symbols and their characteristics, the positions and techniques for application.

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In addition to the division for learning different techniques at each level, we have different focuses at each level.

reiki level 1

It focuses on the person himself, in particular on his energy cleansing and balance. The initiate learns the practice of self-application and goes through the initiation ritual, which provides energy protection, ensuring a more balanced and harmonious energy.

reiki level 2

This part of the course focuses on the emotional and mental aspects. It acts in a special way, promoting a transformation in the emotional and mental patterns of the person who practices it. No wonder this level is called “transformation”. In the practical part of this level, the Reiki practitioner perfects techniques for applying Reiki to close people, family and friends.

reiki level 3

At this level, the student already has a vision of how important Reiki has become to him and how he can benefit from it.

It vibrates in Unconditional Love, which does not judge and does not impose conditions, which leads to the desire to pass on to others, help others, make a difference. This is the main focus of this level: making a difference, being the action of change.

At this level of Reiki, we learn Reiki techniques at a distance and Reiki for groups of people, that is, the Reiki practitioner is able to send energy, balance and harmonize his surroundings. It is also known as the Inner Master level.

Master Level 3 Reiki

It focuses on the depth of knowledge, preparing the person to be responsible for training other reikians who want to start.

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It is like a potentiality that can be put into practice, but it can also work only in the search for deeper knowledge, as well as seeing, apprehending and assimilating the symbols of the level.

At this level the practitioner also discusses and thinks about some concepts such as time, balance, duality and crisis.

The Master’s is the moment of “I’m ready”, and it presupposes the will to search for knowledge, to broaden and expand from our interior to a thinking, more conscious and active human being.

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