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Cornmeal bread: 13 options for a meal with a taste of childhood

Cornmeal bread reminds of those childhood memories and the foods that grandmothers prepared. Delicious option to share with family and friends, there are several alternatives to prepare this delight. From traditional to healthier recipes, check out the tips we’ve selected for you!

1. Cornmeal bread with margarine

Did you hit that hunger? Then check out this recipe! It’s simple and has few ingredients, so it’s ideal to eat for breakfast.

2. Cornmeal bread with fennel:

Another option is to use fennel in the preparation. In addition, you check out an amazing tip to store the breads without them getting hard.

3. Grandma’s cornmeal bread

Cornmeal bread reminds of that little time from childhood and grandma’s food, don’t you think? Here, the method of preparation is very simple and the differential is to use cornmeal to bread the breads.

4. Cooked cornmeal bread

This recipe yields 30 units, perfect for you to share with the family! The secret is to cook the bread and not stop stirring until it comes off the bottom of the pan.

5. Cornmeal bread with milk

Do you want to eat something delicious, but have little time for it? In addition to having few ingredients, the method of preparation of this recipe is super easy and it yields several units.

6. Cornmeal bread with coconut milk

Is it gluten-free and lactose-free cornbread you want? Learn how to make this wonderful recipe and, if you want, add a little cinnamon for a special flavor.

7. Cornmeal bread without wheat flour:

Another recipe that doesn’t use wheat flour! The main tip is to use molds with the shape of the bread to facilitate the preparation.

8. Blender cornmeal bread

Are you a fan of practicality in the kitchen? Then check out this recipe that, in addition to preparing the dough in a blender, uses grated cheese to give the bread a different flavor.

9. Cornmeal bread with guava

Perfect option for those who love guava. Here, in addition to making delicious bread, you can use guava paste to fill it or decorate it. The result is a delight!

10. Cornmeal bread from Minas Gerais:

This recipe reminds me of grandma’s snuggle. You still check out an extra tip for preparing a coffee and having it with the breads!

11. Cornmeal bread in the airfryer

Want more practicality than preparing in the airfryer and in less than 15 minutes? This recipe yields approximately 50 units and you can check out all the details in the video.

12. Gluten-free and lactose-free cornmeal bread

You will learn how to prepare a healthy bread, suitable for those who are celiac, have lactose intolerance or are in the process of food reeducation.

13. Gluten-free vegan cornmeal bread

Another healthy option to make at home. The difference is that you learn to prepare it stuffed with guava or fennel. Enjoy your food!

Have you chosen which type of bread you will prepare? Enjoy and learn how to make an amazing creamy coffee to make your afternoon snack even better.

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