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Carnival Looks: 40 photos and tips to party in style

A lot of shine and a lot of color characterize the Carnival looks. In addition to the costumes, there are colorful and sequined pieces that highlight the entire production. In order not to get hot this Carnival, enjoy the party until the end and rock a stylish look, check out ideas for looks, videos to assemble your costume and tips for getting the composition right.

40 Carnival looks to rock at parties and blocks

The swimsuits combined with fishnet stockings are a hit in the trendy looks of Carnival. Abadás, on the other hand, never go out of style and leave the look fresh to enjoy the revelry. Check out ideas on how to assemble a stylish and colorful production!

1. To put together a creative look, you don’t have to spend a lot

2. And you can compose looks with what you already have in your wardrobe

3. Separate everything you have that is bright and colorful

4. And just mix it all up for a very carnivalesque look

5. To enjoy the pad all day, wear comfortable shoes

6. And to not make the outfit too obvious, you can invest in accessories

7. Like custom tiaras

8. At heart is super cute

9. And the planets one is all colorful!

10. And the best thing is that all of this can be done by yourself!

11. The bodysuit is one of Carnival’s trends!

12. You can complement it with metallic fringe shoulder pads

13. Or use with fishnet stockings, if you feel more comfortable

14. And there are looks for different tastes and different occasions

15. There are inspirations for the daring ones who love a lot of glitter

16. And for the more discreet ones too!

17. This is a complete production for parties that ask for a more elaborate attire

18. And this is a perfect look for the street Carnival!

19. You can value tropical culture

20. Or think of something monochromatic and full of glitter

21. The mermaid theme is still on the rise

22. You can choose a themed skirt and t-shirt

23. Or combine a scale crop top with hot pants

24. And the abadás are already a registered trademark

25. They match with shorts and don’t let anyone get hot

26. And you can customize to make it exactly how you want

27. Another tip is to incorporate fashion trends into the look

28. With a neon outfit, for example

29. Or with an animal print shirt

30. The covers are also a hit in these Carnival looks

31. You can be inspired by your favorite superhero to create a look

32. And don’t forget the fanny pack to carry your personal items

33. This rainbow production is a blast and will stand out from the crowd

34. How about calling your friends to go together in paquitas?

35. And you can include your pet in the game!

36. This outfit is casual, but fun!

37. This look proves that you can be chic even at Carnival!

38. Running out of ideas? Just do a very colorful make up and rock the blocks

39. To protect yourself from the sun, how about completing the look with a hat?

40. Ready to party?

There’s no secret: just take pieces that mix a lot of brightness and comfort and combine them in a devastating look! And you, are you on the practical swimsuit team or do you prefer light shorts?

Other ideas to compose a fun and stylish look

In addition to the original looks, check out more ideas to inspire you and create a creative and colorful look for this Carnival. And the best: the costumes are improvised and easy to make!

Outfit ideas for street carnival

In this video, blogger Lu Ferreira shows different combinations to use this Carnival. With a bodysuit, fishnet stockings and basic fanny pack you have a look ready! There are bold inspirations with hot pants, even discreet looks with light shorts. Oh, and all the looks you can wear with sneakers to stay comfortable all day long!

How to compose Carnival looks without spending too much

The best thing about Carnival is that it allows for improvised looks made with what you already have at home. In this video, we follow several productions for you to enjoy the pad with style and comfort. Most looks are shorts and sneakers. To complement and get into the festive mood, don’t forget the bright accessories and colorful makeup!

Makeup and neon look for Carnival

Neon clothing is a trend in fashion and also in Carnival costumes. In the video, we see how to assemble a complete production with fluorescent colors, from a bombastic make-up, to the part of the costume. You can combine neon pieces you already have at home or find them easily at costume and accessory stores.

cheap constellation fantasy

With cardboard and aluminum foil you can get a cheap constellation costume perfect for shining on the blocks. The moon and stars tiara is easy to make and gives full attention to the look. See the complete step by step on how to assemble and how to make a metallic top.

As you’ve seen, most of the ideas are improvised and accessible. A tip to save money is to separate everything you already have from other carnivals and try to put together a look by reusing these items.

7 Tips to get the Carnival look right

And now that you have plenty of inspiration, check out some tips to get the carnival look right!

  • Put comfort first. Mainly in the street Carnival, where we usually walk and stand for hours and hours. So prioritize light looks that can be combined with sneakers or flat shoes;
  • Bet on fresh looks so you don’t get hot. Invest in lightweight pieces like shorts, thin fabric t-shirts, bikinis and bathing suits;
  • To avoid heat stroke, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and incorporate accessories that protect you from the sun, such as caps, hats and sunglasses;
  • Abadás are already a Carnival tradition, but yours doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. Invest in customization to have a stylish and original look;
  • If you want to dress up for Carnival, look for inspiration in advance and separate what you already have and what can be reused to save money;
  • Invest in a fanny pack to store your personal items and prevent theft or loss of important objects such as money and cell phone. It is super practical and there are exclusive models for Carnival that will match the rest of your look.
  • Do not be afraid to dare! Carnival is a party and what matters is to feel good and comfortable with the chosen look. It’s worth mixing different colors, making unusual overlays and a lot of shine during the day!

Now you have plenty of ideas and inspiration to skip Carnival with style and attitude! What’s your favorite look? And if you left everything to the last minute, don’t worry, there’s still time: check out some ideas for improvised costumes.

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