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Gold choker: the perfect accessory to add to your looks

A stylish accessory, the choker is the right choice to compose more delicate, modern, vintage or even more daring looks. The golden choker, in turn, has been the darling of celebrities and influencers. So check out a list of inspirations for you now.

30 photos of golden chokers for you to compose amazing looks

For you to rock more and more, we separate some ideas with this accessory made for many occasions, from parties, work, beach to everyday life.

1. The golden choker gives that production up

2. Combined with other accessories, it makes you even more stylish

3. Pearls give a sophisticated touch

4. The golden choker with heart pendant is very delicate

5. Just like the one adorned with stones

6. Use the golden choker in a mix of necklaces

7. Well, it’s super high

8. Know that necklaces change any look

9. The golden choker is the darling of the big stars

10. Both international and Brazilian

11. The right choice to compose beach looks

12. And for an all black composition

13. Also, the golden choker works great on costumes

14. In other words, it’s exactly what your style needs

15. Say hello to the trend by wearing one with a lock pendant

16. How about the golden choker with writing on it?

17. Bet on crucifix pendants

18. The thick golden choker is a hit

19. As well as the one in Búzios

20. Which refers to mermaidism

21. It is possible to combine two or more different chokers

22. Get inspired by a full of hearts

23. Not to mention those that bring floral shapes

24. Bet, also, on the most incremented

25. Still, with pebbles in the green water they are charming

26. The ones with little stars bring a lot of delicacy

27. The important thing is: this accessory gives an extra charm

28. As seen in this one with medals

29. Those with dots of light shine as

30. Dare and transform your looks with the golden choker!

After seeing these wonderful inspirations, it’s hard to think about which ones to choose, isn’t it? So the next topic is here to help you!

Golden chokers for you to buy online

We have selected some options for you to buy right now and ensure all the versatility of the accessory.

  1. Francisca Jóias
  2. Filo Bows
  3. Romanel
  4. Dafiti
  5. Francisca Jóias
  6. Romanel

In addition to the golden choker, discover everything about key pieces to spice up your looks in this complete guide on how to use accessories.

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