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Blue bridesmaid dress: 110 ideas that please brides and guests

The blue bridesmaid dress came into fashion and didn’t go out! More and more brides are choosing the color so that their bridesmaids look beautiful like her. But don’t think this means little diversity at the altar; the models are super varied! He doubts? Then check out the following list:

1. The blue dress is a great choice at weddings

2. It brings serenity

3. Lightness

4. And a lot of elegance

5. The models are very varied

6. Going from the mermaid

7. To the princess

8. Even the most straight

9. Details also have their turn

10. How about investing in the print?

11. This detail on the bar gave it all a charm, right?

12. Depending on the wedding style

13. The print can be more eye-catching

14. Or more delicate

15. Look at this shiny one, how gorgeous!

16. Lace is the romantic touch every wedding needs

17. Lace can only be on the bust

18. Or the entire dress!

19. Looking for a really sweet model?

21. The model is charming

22. Elegant

23. Brings a little romanticism

24. Or VERY romantic, actually

25. And also a touch of sensuality

26. Flawless, do you agree?

27. The shades of blue also vary a lot

28. The tiffany blue bridesmaid dress, for example

29. It is one of the most requested shades by brides

30. It appears in matte

31. Not shiny

32. With sleeves

33. Or even with straps

34. The tone is too beautiful!

36. It’s a more discreet shade than tiffany

37. Perfect for delicate bridesmaids

38. The model can be quite simple

39. But simplicity and beauty go together

40. Look at this model with white lace… jaw-dropping

42. With a slightly more flashy tone

43. But that pleases many bridesmaids and brides

44. The color is so beautiful, but so beautiful…

45. That even the simplest model draws attention

46. ​​Now, can you imagine a glittery royal?

47. And with a respectful neckline in the back?

48. Bet on this tone that is guaranteed success

49. And the navy blue bridesmaid dress?

50. For being the darkest shade of all

51. He’s not that common for bridesmaids

52. But the truth is, he deserves the spotlight!

53. He is extremely elegant

54. And it brings a sensuality that we all want

55. It can be in more lively and joyful versions

56. Or be pulled more towards black

57. Beautiful in every way!

58. The plus size blue bridesmaid dress is beautiful

59. And very elegant!

60. By the way, is it elegance you want?

61. So take it!

62. You can perfect the neckline too

63. Depending on the location of the ceremony

64. Or appeal to the bare back

65. The truth is, there are no limits

66. You can be a discreet godmother if you want

67. Or bolder, if you will

68. Another important factor is the height of the sleeves

69. Long sleeves are perfect for winter weddings

70. Because they make you beautiful

71. And protected from the cold at the same time

72. Be in simpler dresses

73. Or in the most flashy

74. Long sleeves are always a good bet

75. The ¾ sleeves don’t disappoint either

76. They are beautiful and elegant

77. And perfect for mild climates

78. And the straps? Ahh… the straps!

79. Impossible not to fall in love with them

80. They match any model

81. And with any shade of blue

82. Be in a pleated dress

83. Or in the mix transparency and ruffles

84. Adhering to the straps is success!

85. Speaking of ruffles

86. Look what a spectacular model

87. Simple and flawless

88. And now, take a deep breath

89. For with these models

90. You will lose your breath

91. At this point in the championship

92. You must have already completed

93. The Blue Bridesmaid Dress Won’t Let You Down

94. Be a guest

95. What do you want to do well by sponsoring your friends?

96. Or a bride

97. Who is looking for the ideal tone for their bridesmaids

98. The color blue will enhance them

99. And on your altar there will be only princesses!

100. And don’t worry…

101. Even with the same tone

102. Each godmother will be different from the other

103. Because versatility lives in the small details

104. And it is possible to respect each one’s style

105. Blending colors

106. Or Sticking to Basics

107. There are only three rules…

108. Love yourself on the big day

109. Get comfortable to enjoy the party

110. And have fun!

So, inspired? You will surely find the right blue bridesmaid dress model to rock. However, if the color was not stipulated by the bride and you are still in doubt, how about checking out some red bridesmaid dress models and increasing your repertoire?

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