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9 financial planner templates to print and control your money

Do you feel like you need more control over your money, especially how much you earn and spend? Well, know that a financial planner can be of great help! Check out free templates for download below. For greater financial independence, choose your favorite template and print for use.

Tips for using a financial planner

Knowing how to get the most out of your planner will help you in your goals, whether it’s getting out of the red or gathering an amount to make dreams come true. See the tips:

  • Have realistic plans: it’s no use wishing you had a million reais if you spend almost everything you earn every month. Start by thinking about what you can do in the short term.
  • Write down all your expenses: from the electricity bill to the gum you buy at the bakery, all expenses must be written down. So you control exactly where you are spending the most.
  • Always keep the planner with you: by keeping the planner in your bag or in a visible place in the house, you avoid forgetting.
  • Get in the habit of reviewing your expenses periodically: keep a weekly or monthly follow-up of your inflows and outflows. See where you can save and do it differently!

Ready to have a financial planner to call your own? In the next topic, see beautiful templates to download!

9 printable financial planners

From the simple planner to the one with several possibilities, below you can find free options to download. Look that:

1. Basic financial planner

How about starting with the basics? This planner has areas for you to track how much you earn and how much you spend, as well as financial habits and goals. The idea is to fill in a sheet per month and monitor what the initial balance was and if there was any amount left over at the end of the period. Simple and great for those who want to have control of their financial life with practicality. Access the link to download yours!

2. Planner for financial control

Available in different formats, such as A4 and A5, this option allows you to more carefully control every day-to-day expense – from bus tickets to cheese bread. You can also write down the money that comes in, such as salary and allowance. There are 5 columns: date, description, entry, exit and paid with (if card, cash etc). You can download it for free from this site.

3. Clean financial planner

With a charming clean look, this planner has a simple goal: to help you know exactly what you’re spending your rich money on. There are columns for you to write down your fixed bills, such as mobile and rent, and extra bills – with the right to the amount of installments and maturity. Did you like it? Download yours here!

4. Delicate financial planner

With columns for entries and expenses, along with dates and amounts, this planner still stands out for its cute layout. With light colors, it is decorated with different designs: flowers, hearts and even stationery items, such as notebooks and pens. The time to write down your expenses has never been so sweet. Go to the website and download.

5. Complete financial planner

Do you need a more robust planner, with different options to fill? You’ll love this one: it has an area for you to put your wish list, earnings (entries), fixed expenses, shopping (various expenses), notes and even getaways. The pages have flowers and vibrant colors. Download here and enjoy!

6. Annual and monthly financial planner

In which month of the year do you manage to save the most money? And when do you spend the most? With this planner, you can have a clearer view of your finances throughout the year. The annual financial analysis page makes a comparison from month to month, with inputs, outputs and investments made. Download from the website!

7. Financial planner with daily planning

It’s no use having your finances organized if you can’t keep other aspects of your life in order, right? For those who want to put the routine on the axis once and for all, this is the right planner: it has special pages for finances, daily, weekly and monthly financial planning. Download from this link!

8. Simple financial planner

You know the basics that work really well? This planner here doesn’t have much mystery: there are lines for fixed and miscellaneous expenses, in addition to the amounts received. The planner is white with a very light pink tone. The heart designs are a detail that gives a delicate touch to the material. Access here and see how to download!

9. Financial planner to accomplish goals

How much do you need to save to make your dreams come true? What amount should you save per month to get there? This planner is perfect for those who like to visualize their goals. Not to mention it’s just a delicacy. Check the website and download yours!

In addition to finances, do you want to keep your routine organized too? So be sure to check out this list of different 2022 planner options to print or buy!

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