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30 beaded bracelet ideas that will make you join the trend

Some fads come and go, don’t they? And the beaded bracelets are a great example of that! Fever in the early 2000s, they are back with different styles, colors and options that promise to please all tastes. Want to bet on this trend? So, check out, below, inspirations, shopping sites and videos on how to make bracelets to rock out there!

30 photos of beaded bracelets that are pure charm and versatility

If you are still not familiar with the feeling of the moment, then the tip is to check out these beautiful photos of different beaded bracelets that will inspire you and make you jump into this beautiful and colorful fashion. Just take a look:

1. The bead bracelet is a versatile accessory

2. And that came back with everything!

3. It has for all tastes and styles

4. From the most traditional

5. Even the most modern ones

6. Anyone who likes a mix of colors will love options like this one

7. Who abuse colored beads

8. And they give that super-young touch to the look

9. But if you prefer sober tones, then play with neutral stones

10. Like black and white

11. The kids also love this fashion

12. After all, vibrant colors are for the little ones, isn’t it?

13. You can still invest in custom pieces

14. And make the accessory look like your princess

15. Abuse of pet pendants

16. Or with different shapes of pebbles

17. Mom and daughter can also wear together

18. Speaking of outfits, how about a friendship bracelet?

19. Can be used with bests

20. And immortalize friendship with a simple accessory, but full of meaning

21. The more mystical ones will love the versions with the Greek eye

22. Or other protection symbols

23. You can also invest in pieces with special details

24. Like a spoon

25. Or a happy face

26. It depends a lot on each one’s taste

27. So, choose an accessory that suits you

28. And that is the face of your looks

29. After all, this fashion is all about versatility

30. And innovation!

As you can see, there is no shortage of a bead bracelet option that suits you. The tip is to bet on more discreet pieces for those who are traditional and invest in colorful accessories for those who are more daring. You will just love it!

Where can you buy beaded bracelets

Inspired after seeing so many beautiful bracelets and want one to call your own? So, the tip is to take a look at these links that we have separated for you with the best bracelets on the internet. They are affordable and very beautiful pieces, you will love them!

  1. Children’s bead bracelet, at Americanas
  2. Bead bracelet with elastic, at Renner
  3. Simple bead bracelet, at Renner
  4. Friendship bead bracelet, at Shoptime
  5. Bead bracelet kit, at C&A
  6. Bead bracelet with Greek eye, at C&A

In addition to being a great accessory option for you to wear on a daily basis, the bead bracelet is that joker gift that every woman loves to win. That is, you already have a golden tip for your next friend’s birthday, hey!

How to make beaded bracelets

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then these tutorials on how to make your own bead bracelet are for you! These are super cool videos that teach you step by step how to make this fashionable accessory that is on the rise. Customize and make a piece that is your little face!

How to make flower bead bracelets

The face of spring, the flower bead bracelet gives that romantic and super cute look! The tip is to use beads of different colors, so the flowers gain a greater prominence and make your accessory even more fun and beautiful!

How to make macrame beads bracelets

With beautiful details, the macrame beads bracelet is very easy to make! You just need a little more attention when braiding the waxed yarn and the polka dots. The final detail is due to a charming and very practical closure.

How to make beaded bracelets with silicone wire

How about making a beautiful bracelet kit that can be used in everyday life and on special occasions? With this tutorial, you learn how to make a very versatile accessory with silicone wire, that is, much easier to put on and take off!

How to make children’s beaded bracelets

Kids and moms will freak out in these wonderful and super cute children’s bead bracelets! And as the target audience is the small ones, you can invest in a very beautiful mix of different and colorful stones. Ah, remember to adjust the size of the accessory according to the child’s arm, ok?

How to make beaded bracelets with letters

Fever of the moment, the beaded bracelet with letters has been successful on the arm of celebrities and digital influencers. And I could too! This beautiful accessory can be customized according to each person’s taste. Want to learn how to make your own play? Then watch the full video!

How to make simple beaded bracelets

And if you are a beginner, then the tip is to check out this mega complete tutorial on how to make your bead bracelet from scratch! In it, you learn several cool suggestions that help a lot when assembling the accessory. It is worth checking.

How about betting on a beautiful beaded necklace to match your bracelet? Check out our tips and inspirations and knock it out!

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