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Short haircuts with bangs and hairstyles to inspire

Gone are the days when women wore their hair short only when it came into fashion, letting it grow out soon after. Today, there are countless amazing ways to cut your locks short and look even more beautiful.

Short hair with bangs is one of them. Several celebrities, such as Anne Hathaway, Débora Falabella, Débora Secco, Rihanna and Taís Araújo have already made use of this look, which became feminine regardless of the style and physical characteristics of each one.

This is because the short look with bangs is extremely versatile and can adapt to every woman’s taste. Short cuts are always on the rise and falling more and more in the taste of women, and can be styled according to the personality and desire of each one, respecting their aesthetic details and harmonizing the look.

People with a more relaxed personality can opt for disconnected cuts, with asymmetrical ends, from a bob to a modern short. On the other hand, the most reserved and classic may prefer short cuts that are neater and tidier, such as a straight bob or a “Joãozinho”.

The important thing is to express the correct visual image in harmony with the personality. There are no rules or standards, each person is unique and has unique needs. The short ones convey more secure, mature, modern and free personalities”, says visagist Maurício Morelli.

Which cut to choose?

Whether with a pixie, chanel or bob cut; with straight, curly or curly hair; with classic bangs or longer bangs, there is always a short bangs look that can suit you. Here are some inspirations to see which style best fits your personality, hair type and face shape.

short with bangs

There is nothing more practical than super short hair, the famous pixie! With bangs, then, it looks even prettier and more stylish for women of any age. “On all types of faces, short ones can be adapted for all traits, respecting each person’s personality and style”, says Maurício Morelli.

And short hair also deserves to be well taken care of. Hairstylist Wagner Nascimento, from the Monde K salon, indicates the use of products to iron after washing and give a different touch to the look. “Short hair always exudes charm and elegance, but there are always some tricks that help to make this even more evident. The correct use of ointments and waxes, to give texture and create more striking looks, helps in everyday life and facilitates the variation of looks”, he explains.

Pro tip for a short look with bangs: “Usually, short hair suits most face shapes. The difference in short cuts is exactly in the type of bangs. People who have a small forehead, for example, should avoid wearing short bangs above the eyebrow. This creates a heavy, disproportionate look to the face.”

Chanel with bangs

The Chanel style is a look that is already classic, and it continues to make women who adopt it more beautiful, modern and elegant.

In addition to all these attributes, the hairstylist states that the Chanel cut is versatile and can be adapted for both straight and wavy hair and for all types of bangs. “Chanel-style hair combines with the most varied forms of fringe: short rounded or frayed with longer sides, for example. That’s because the structure of the Chanel cut supports greater style variation,” he comments.

Pro tip for adopting a Chanel look with bangs: “I’m always asked if a hair cut with the Chanel style looks good on people who have wavy locks. The answer is yes, as long as you have the necessary care and know how to dare. Invest in styling creams, shampoos and conditioners to help define your wavy shape.”

bob with bangs

The bob cut is beautiful, super democratic and goes very well with fringes. Want a better combination than this?

According to Wagner Nascimento, “the Bob cut calls for a more stylized and shorter fringe. He already has a more daring style and the fringes should go the same way in this cut, always leaving the pattern with some variations”. But you need to be careful if you have curly, wavy and frizzy hair and want to try this cut.

Pro tip for adopting a Bob look with bangs: “Wavy hair, especially medium and thick hair, requires extra care with the Bob. If the person is not in the habit of brushing their hair or controlling the volume, this type of cut will increase it even more. A great tip is to avoid creating a straight fringe on wavy hair with volume. The secret is to escape the conventional and create more daring and stylized looks”.

How to wear short hair with bangs

Have you decided to cut your hair short and need ideas to style it on a daily basis and also for important occasions? See below several hairstyle ideas for the most varied short haircuts with bangs and get inspired for your production.

Chanel hairstyles with bangs

The chanel cut with classic fringe makes the look naturally super cute! The vlogger teaches you how to make ten simple and easy hairstyles, great for lifting the look when you have little time to get ready.

Hairstyles for bob/long bob with bangs

The bob or long bob hair already gives more possibilities for hairstyles, and looks beautiful with a fringe at the height of the eyebrow. The trick used by the vlogger is to unravel the strands on top of the head to create volume.

braid on the fringe

Anyone who thinks you can’t braid short hair is wrong. This vlogger shows that it is possible to make a super cute and original braid in your bangs!

hairstyles for short hair

It’s amazing the variety of looks that you can do even with super short hair. Texture spray, brush and accessories such as headbands and barrettes are the greatest allies for short hairstyles.

short hair inspirations

Get inspired by the beautiful and super stylish cuts of bloggers and dare to scissor your hair too!

Regardless of your taste, your hair type and your courage to face the scissors, there is always a shorter cut that can look amazing on you!

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